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    • ura soul

      yin yang earth heart balance

      this creation expresses polarity and this can be seen and felt in a vast amount of ways. we can shine light when all around is darkness and we can allow darkness when light is not right for us. neither light nor dark is necessarily good or bad.

      keywords: light, shadow, dark, earth, heart, yin, yang, balance, polarity, polarising

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      • ura soul

        children's dolls and the roots of psychopathy and heartlessness in the group: aligning self for freedom

        as a child i was given a variety of 'toy dolls' to play with. since i was male, i was given 'action man' - the all-round killing machine with no genitals and no emotions. the females that were living near me were given 'barbie' or 'cindy' dolls - the equally emotion-less clothes horse with disfig...

        keywords: psychopathy, right use of will, denial, heartlessness, heart, balance, ken, barbie, cindy, action man, toy dolls, receptivity, yin, yang, polarity, toys, children, mind control, mkultra, schooling

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        • ura soul

          light and dark are not enemies!

          keywords: light, dark, polarity, loving light, yin, yang, balance, healing, symbolic

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          • ura soul

            she in the group: holistic healing

            we all embody a mix of masculine and feminine essence. this polarity has been known by some as the balance of yin and yang. different cultures have often 'experimented' with allowing one side of the polarity to dominate the other. our present societies commonly allow the masculine to dominate the...

            keywords: healing, balance, femininity, female, woman, women, feminine, yin, yang, heart, gender


            • Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen Ⓥ

              Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen Ⓥ