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    inspirations in the body, bringing balance and alignment to ignored muscles and all of you.\r\nthere are many labels given to different styles of body movement and healing, such as yoga, bodywork and massage processes.\r\noften, the body/bodies are imbalanced due to unloving discipline and pressure in and on us. moving the body is one way to activate the energies of the body to catalyse change.





    • ura soul

      by ura soul

      in my own experience, for healing from serious whiplash and other knock on effects - all of these helped: ashtanga yoga, thai massage, holistic chiropracter, listening to my body, feeling and expressing frozen/trapped emotion, vegan diet, clean water

      • l8in

        by l8in

        body harmony or reiki ?massage or kinesiology ?rebirthing or yoga ?

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        • ura soul

          go "ya!" yoga! in the group: moving bodies

          yoga is not postures, yet yoga postures endure and exist.\r\nyoga is not breath, yet yoga breath endures and exists.\r\nyoga is you, moving and heart connecting with loving intent to balance and unify with the truth of all that is.

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