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    • ura soul

      Homepages for the main Zones at Ureka have been tidied and some bugs fixed. in the zone: network information

      I have just gone through all of the Zones that I run for Ureka and improved the layout of their homepages, plus fixed some problems I found along the way. Image Galleries now display correctly on Zone homepages and preview images for thoughts/videos etc. will now display in full length as they do...

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      • ura soul

        a guide to creating your own zone at ureka in the zone: network information

        looking for a way to create an online space that's just for your specific needs and the needs of your team, friends or other group? maybe your own zone at ureka would fit your needs.\r\nzones are a kind of site within a site at ureka.org that allow groups of co-creators to unite for specific purp...

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        • ura soul

          a guide to administering and maintaining zones at ureka in the zone: network information

          so you have your very own zone at ureka and want to customise it, invite members and grow your vision? then this guide is for you.\r\nthere are 4 main aspects involved with maintaining and administering a zone at ureka:\r\n\r\ndefining the zone's intentions, theme, privacy levels and any policies...

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