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      • jhon

        by jhon


        • vanessa anne hartley


          • ura soul

            by ura soul

            Greetings & welcome to the new members of the community!

            • Amuro Antoine Kazama (A2K)

              Hello there, I wish more ppl can gO to chat oR taLK TO ME ON FACEBOOK/

              • ura soul

                by ura soul

                My business begins and ends at ensuring the survival of life, of which i am an expression. Someone might claim that it's none of my business when they pollute the ocean with death dealing radiation - but they are mistaken because they threaten the...more

                • Amuro Antoine Kazama (A2K)

                  Well this is good, I just wish I cna talk to you in Facebook, Discord, and other IM clients becaus eI'm there a lot now.

                  • SolitaryFriend

                    Above & Beyond - Prelude (HQ)

                    • SolitaryFriend

                      Hello to all you wonderful people! I'm finally back after a long absence, being a slumbering dragon shifting through time and now I have my story to share. I will be looking to contribute as much as possible and contact other Starseeds/Indigo...more

                      • Amuro Antoine Kazama (A2K)

                        Heyyy maan! I'm here but I like to be able to tty again alsao on discord and others

                        • OnlyHuman

                          by OnlyHuman

                          Glorious morning to all living life on Earth today. May you be blessed with the inner peace that resides within you.

                          • SolitaryFriend

                            Whaaaaat's uppppppppp!

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