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    by Amy

    I work in the nursing home business specifically with dementia patients and see this daily! So sad that most staff cannot understand the concept of our Alzheimer's patients exhibiting "behaviors" as a form of communication. Rather than listening to them or attempting to figure out why they're having such a difficult time, nurses are taught to drug them up with psychiatric medications to quiet them down instead causing more issues in the long run. Lots of times, if they are yelling out or showing distress, there is a reason. They may need changed, may be cold, may be experiencing pain or may just need a drink. I wish nursing school taught more than just medication administration...but I suppose you cant teach compassion; its something that needs to be learned. I just wish our residents didn't have to suffer in the meantime. It breaks my heart... I am thinking about a career change but I have been in this business for 13 years. I would not even know where to begin at this point! #innerverse... just throwing that in there lol