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shouting thread

    • ura soul

      by ura soul

      greetings @Daniel Lish - you look.. 'older'.. ;) - p.s. your website is down

      • Daniel Lish

        Greeting Ura, I loved the podcast interview! thanks for letting me know about my website - just checked it and it seems fine...just takes a little while to load. Looking forward to hearing/seeing you again on other podcasts :) Dx

        • ura soul

          great, thanks - i will also be making a video series for youtube at some point on healing and am part way through a documentary about 911. if you know any animators who might want to help out then point them to me for sure! i can't really pay, but maybe a student might be interested. wow ,yeah your site does eventually load - it looks like there is a problem at the server level.