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shouting thread

    • SoulFish

      by SoulFish

      I don't wonder about those who are good without god. I wonder about those who need god to be good.

      • ura soul

        that depends on your definition of what god is ;)

        • SoulFish

          Of course. I think the point still gets across though?

          • ura soul

            i am referring to an understanding that some of us were so damaged at the moment of our original cause / inception in creation - that we actually need god's light to enter us for us to be balanced. while i understand that many can understand and be 'good' (in a general sense) without direct connection with god, that is not true for all at this timing. this is obviously a complicated topic and i am defining god in a specific way and not the way that most are defining god presently.

            • SoulFish

              I get what your saying. Of course I was just tossing it up as a shout out quote figuring it would mostly inspire the beard toting, sandal wearing, white robbed, golden road leading to a giant throne God. In that context is the only context in which it makes sense. I like that you said "God's light" is what they need, not "God." I believe there is a big difference just between those two things let alone the varying definitions of what god is. We could also further dive in and examine what "good" is, who defines it and are they right...but what's "right?" I like that you inspire that type of thought. To me god is energy. Like a radio wave travels forever outward, when folks feed energy to a god it goes out "there." In what way and how it manifests is a little different for everyone. I don't affiliate with anything that isn't resonant with what helps me to grow, be the best me I can in each moment as it comes. Too many things are overly defined these days, more separation must produce more money I suppose. There just isn't a lot of unity in religion, the robes God. I mean global Christianity has something like 35,000 denominations with 3,445,000 congregations/churches composed of 1,888 million affiliated Christians all of whom practice as they see fit and all of whom believe their way is the “one true way.” How is that possible? And they will kill for it.