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shouts by ura soul

    ura soul

    greetings! yes, there is a culture of denial on this planet that is every bit as dysfunctional as the health issues that the 'medical professionals' involved claim to be 'helping'. it is akin to smothering a child for crying. i feel though that compassion can be taught and inspired since many of us have never experienced it in a true way and we can be sparked into awareness through contacting true compassion. that said, many require inner healing before they are capable of empathy and the evolution needed to become balanced and to embody loving light. i am sure that someone with your awareness, experience and desire will not have a problem finding a new door to open in life, you simply need to understand what is right for you. i completely dropped out of 'money making' when i realised that the vast majority of clients i might have in the world of systems engineering offer absolutely nothing to humanity and the planet.. however, the more i have sought others to co-create a better future with - the more doors are open to me to do the things i want and need to do. <3