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conspiracy realists

conspiracy - "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful." reality - "possessing actuality, existence, or essence." theory - "an idea used to explain a course of actions." conspiracies are created daily and by their nature are obscured by denial, half truth, deception and subterfuge. here we explore the details of conspiracy theory, conspiracy reality and all that may exist in between!
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Will we allow un-emotional, intellectual 'thinkers' to control the destiny path of humanity?

    ura soul
    Will we allow un-emotional, intellectual 'thinkers' to control the destiny path of humanity?

    The way that creative power and resources are distributed on earth has long been determined to some extent by the amount of 'money' available to individuals. Is this really the best way for us to live? Are our lives enhanced or damaged by this?

    Those who study the financial systems and the methods used by banks to literally create money from nothing will generally come to the conclusion that the entire basis of our 'economy' is based on fraud and deception. Every time a parent teaches their child that if they work hard and 'earn' money that then they will get the rewards they deserve - that parent perpetuates a lie; They may not know they are lying, but they are. Why? The way that money is created at source means that labor and creativity are NOT the primary way to amass large amounts of money and, in fact, the most efficient way to get money is to be involved directly in it's creation and manipulation. This reality turns the entire idealistic vision of capitalism upside down, with those who do the least useful work being able to amass the most wealth and those who do the most useful work often receiving very little at all. This side of the mess is well known to many now, but what i want to share here now is something that is even more sinister...

    Many have highlighted how there exists a kind of 'elite' in society who seem to have most of the money and thus are in a position to claim to 'own' masses of the best land, properties and businesses - leaving them to explore a never ending lifestyle of luxury while not needing to actually offer anything at all of any value to humanity or the earth. One of the quirks of this situation is that there are many who have been able to use their mathematical knowledge and skills to 'game' the situation and join the 'elite' at the tops of their artificial power pyramids - often being considered to be 'the brightest' and 'smartest' - yet often they have only demonstrated skill in a narrow field of life - the manipulation of numbers. It is, to me, no accident that the word 'number' contains the word 'numb' because it is VERY common for people to get so trapped in logic, intellectual analysis and maths that they completely disrespect and deny their emotions/feelings and heart. In doing so they wander aimlessly towards psychopathy and yet often also are thought to be 'very smart'. A society that allows such thinkers to amass huge wealth, often through little more than mathematical gymnastics is one that opens the door to a massive loss of balance and greatness - all while falsely thinking it is great. Wisdom is needed to direct the resources of our planet and wisdom does not seek to exploit people through numerical manipulation since wisdom respects all life-forms and seeks to exploit nothing at all.

    Our history contains a few very clear examples of this nasty dynamic, including the way that Hitler's Germany utilised some of the first computers made by IBM to track the slave labour they used in their concentration camps - calculating how long each individual could be worked and on how much/little food before they might die. Another well documented example is the entire eugenics movement which claimed (and still claims) that certain subsections of humanity are to be killed / removed since they are 'sub-standard'. This is done, often, by the calculation of various parameters that are thought to be able to be used to class people into categories of 'value' - but value to whom? Obviously, the ones doing the calculating are not going to put themselves in the 'kill list' and so the entire process becomes one of simply moving to kill off groups of people whose only crime is being sufficiently different to the murderers. Since this action is obviously a heartless one, the result is in some cases that the movement literally involves heartless people targeting people who embody heart - what could be more psychopathic?

    The 'planned parenthood' association sounds so 'helpful' on the surface until it is understood that they are all about 'UNplanned parenthood' and pushing for abortion. As I understand the situation, the father of Bill Gates (creator of Microsoft Windows) was very much a part of the planned parenthood (and eugenics movement) in America and there continue to be many who hold onto these evil and ignorant ideas. Isn't it just a little concerning that Bill Gates is using his massive wealth not to feed the homeless, not to deliver free/clean energy, but to travel to the poorest parts of the planet and have people injected with formaldehyde, aluminium and viruses in the form of 'vaccines' to allegedly protect from diseases that people don't even have!?

    For more on the modern state of Eugenics, Edwin Black has given the world a lot of research material.

    and this documentary: war on the weak

    The agenda is not even being hidden - there is a massive set of granite stones in America which lay out the plan - including specifically stating in a large number of languages that the human population is to be below 500 million... so where exactly are the remaining 6-7 billion going?

    It is well known that people who hold an imbalanced amount of power on earth are often found to abuse it heartlessly. If we continue to allow the logic dominated parts of society to be in this position, they will continue to look down on most other people and continue to falsely believe that they are 'right' to have all the power/money and resources - since they are obviously the smartest on earth. The reality is that it is not an exaggeration to say that unless the more grounded, emotionally aware and heart centered among us move to prominence in society, our future is a bleak one made of 'efficient business exploitation of the majority', enslavement and the death of liberation and potentially of life itself. We do need logic and maths is very powerful when we are attuned in our use of it to our true needs, what is felt to be balanced and to the real capacities of our environment.

    As I have said here many times, we must learn to allow space in life for our real emotions and to not allow our emotional aspects to die a death of control and denial while relying only on logic and the dictation of a mind that THINKS it knows best.

    may we all find unconditional love and balance. <3