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NEW FEATURES: Katalists are now easier to use and have a 'published/draft' mode

    ura soul

    Good news! I have spent the last couple of days improving the way that Katalists work at ureka and they are now simpler for everyone to use productively. I will be making a video to demonstrate how they work soon too.

    The changes are:

    • Katalists now have a 'published status', like thoughts do. So katalists can be in 'draft' mode or 'published' mode. This allows you to create a katalist and configure it without it being visible to anyone else. Once you are ready you can mark the katalist as 'published'.
    • You will be automatically prompted to easily publish your new katalist after you create your first content item in it. This is intended to help ensure your remember to publish!
    • You can now add a description and comments section to katalists at the top and bottom just by choosing the option to do so in the katalist's edit page. You may want to do this for your existing katalists and remove the description and comments boxes that you previously added manually. This means that katalists can have a uniform appearance and are also quicker to create and setup.
    • The Katalist item picker that appears when you are pinning items to katalists has been made more stable and now stays on the screen, where it needs to be - so you cannot scroll away from it.

    All of this combines to make the katalists much more friendly to use and play with.

    Let me know if you have any feedback such as bugs or suggestions for improvements.