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I Don't Get Vampires, Man.

    I Don't Get Vampires, Man.

    I have seen no small amount of movies and television shows that feature vampires. I know this is totally silly, I think I'm just expressing the silly because it's long overdue for me to be a little silly, so here goes:

    Why is there always so much blood? I mean, this is their FOOD source, you'd think they wouldn't spill so much but there it is, all over their clothing, all over their faces, running out of the victim in pools... I mean, when you finish dinner is there more food on the table and floor and down the front of your clothing than ever made it into your mouth? (That question only goes out to anyone NOT still in diapers.)

    I get all the normal explanations, like it just looks better and it IS a movie after all. There was one movie (I think) that showed the spillage being absorbed by the skin and that made a lot of sense to me, but can anyone offer up a working theory, cuz I'm baffled.   ;)