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Powerful Epiphanies and Divine Solutions With My Friend Chance Garton of Innerverse Podcast

    Chris Abert
    Powerful Epiphanies and Divine Solutions With My Friend Chance Garton of Innerverse Podcast

    Hello everyone! Stoked to be making my first post on Ureka! What a great platform for us to connect and collaborate in the most harmonious and ingenious of ways on the most dynamic of platforms. I am posting this in response to my good friend and fellow podcast aficionado Chance Garton of InnerVerse Podcast. Chance made a sweepstakes that I thought would be really fun to participate in that basically is trying to raise awareness of this site and get more people on it! You can scroll down on the thoughts page and see his original post with the rules and more info about how to participate.

    I want to take this time to talk a little on my experience with Chance. We met a few years ago at 2720 Cherokee nightclub in St.Louis, Mo during one of their temple shows where Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda and a few locals were playing. We met by 'chance' lol. As I was making my way through the crowd I was giving slight nudges to people so I could pass through. I placed my hand on the back of a man sporting a super heady sacred geometry tapestry as a cape and said "excuse me brother" as I passed. He then quickly followed me and said "let me show you how it felt when you placed your hand on my back just now, just want to return the favor" at that moment he placed his beloved selenite wand on my back in the same place and in an instant I knew we were destined to be ridiculously good friends.

    It definitely felt as though we had known one another for eons and we both recognized that in the moment and it was super dope. Since then that notion has become truth. Chance is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met, and has been a huge inspiration to me personally in so many ways it is hard to put to words, but if i were to attempt I would say that he is absolutely the reason I got more into podcasting and had the courage and motivation to create my very own podcast "Dream Nexus Podcast". I don't say that lightly he quite literally lit a fire under my ass the night I released my first episode, which also had him as a guest out of gratitude and respect for his participation in that part of my life. The night I released my show I was talking on the phone to my friend Patrick Mureithi, whom I met at my very first Peyote Ceremony at New Haven Native American Church last Feburary. Before I got off the phone with him he said he was going to a potluck, and guess who randomly happened to be at that same potluck? Chance. So I got another call and I didn't answer as I was making dinner. When I checked my voicemail it was from Patrick, he said that someone there knew me and wanted to leave a message, and it was Chance saying "hey man when's that first episode of Dream Nexus Coming out?" and man did the hair stand up on the back of my neck. The instant I put the phone down I created my soundcloud and released my first episode and shared on facebook. I think that same night or shortly after I made the facebook for my show, and I used some of his art to do my cover photo as well.

    I literally don't know where I would be in this world without Chance. I'm fighting back tears as I write this because as I go along in life my podcast is one of the most major things I think I came here to do with consequences so far reaching it blows my fucking mind because the level of synchronicity I've experienced thus far and day to day because of getting on that path to speaking my truth and helping others share theirs is seriously insane. It is one of my main motivations for getting up in the morning and keeping me going. The episodes that Chance has had me on his show have seriously impacted and changed the lives of people in our immediate biorhythm and friend group and afar. I literally cannot begin to express the level of gratitude I have for this dude. Huge shout out to you Chance, you literally helped pull me out of the worst tailspin of my life and showed me what is possible through believing in yourself and setting an intention to help others in the biggest possible way with something near and dear to your own creative expression and fucking heart. This dude has such a big heart it cannot be contained within one piece of his art or episode of his shows, but take a step back and look at all that he has done and how much he has grown and I guarantee you will be as inspired as you are astonished.

    Check out the last two episodes of his show and you will get a really good picture of his journey:

    Links on minds.com with full descriptions and links:



    Also check out Patrick Mureithi's Album "This I Believe":


    And also you should very seriously consider participating in a Legal Peyote Ceremony at New Haven Native American Church in Ava, Missouri:


    Please if you have time also check out my Podcast "Dream Nexus Podcast" I'll link the episode with Chance and I first:


    My show:





    I'll be uploading more content soon, I've got to get all my media consistently uploaded across these platforms!

    Thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much for being and thank you so much for relating in this way. I wish you all the best in your creative ventures and hope to connect with many more of you soon. Aho!

    Much love,

    Chris "DeerHeart" Abert