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Form talking and findong real friends.

    Amuro Antoine Kazama (A2K)


    i'm sorry to have to say this to everyone here, but I have been feeling really upset with people on here and it needs to be cleared up right now. I don't come on the Internet to bring drama. I don't come on the Internet to be a troll, I come on the Internet to fulfill needs in myself, and if people do not fulfill a need they will be deleted. I'm really tired of stressing this, but it needs to be stressed. I'm too old to have to tell people about why. So I'm going to do it now:

    Why I don't like to go on forums, message often, or message boards and texting too much on IMs:

    Well the reason is because a lot of people don't like what I type, and I do this to avoid people who are 'grammar-Nazi's', and also people who are careless about me. Also the furry fandom didn't;' make it any better. I'm not blaming, and if this sounds like a blame game, it's not. Let's just say after leaving form the fandom, I had a few friends but then it got sour real quick with some of them. And I got board of the shenanigans. So that made me have a emotional depression whihc is the reason why I call more or VC/AC (video chat / audio chat) than posting or texting.