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What is heartlessness?

    ura soul
    What is heartlessness?

    Heartlessness is the absence of heart. This is meant in the sense of the literal energetic state of the individual. Individuals may have a physical heart but it is possible for their heart to not be involved in their thought/will/action/emotional life processes. The heart is the balancing centre in the human energy system and it is the location/organ where thoughts and emotions are bonded in harmony. If there is no bonding occurring, then thoughts exist without the guidance of emotion/intuition and can become psychopathic and lost. In such a disturbed state, the emotions can be unbalanced and destructive - lacking the insight provided by the thinking parts of self. Thought and emotion need to be balanced in the heart. A state of heartlessness exists when denial within the self causes thoughts and emotions to separate and the most common cause of this is due to our mind deciding it's ok to choose not to feel some of our real feelings.

    The french word for heart is cœur, which is where english gets 'courage' from. This is reflective of the way that a strong hearted individual will be strong in all ways and courageous. The right balance of spirit and will that occur when thoughts and emotions are harmonically aligned in the heart is a foundation from which strength of all kinds can be born and continue to expand. The way to ensure a healthy heart bond is to be consistent in the choice to unconditionally accept all emotions. You can read more on this subject here.

    wishing you well!