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Crystals & Stones

This zone will include healing as well as metaphysical properties of crystals, minerals, stones and rocks. More will come up as new questions and discussions occur within the zone.\r\nA really good source of basic information is a website called Crystal Vaults, much of the information included here about the basics of crystals will be from there. The information there is by no means exhaustive and to be clear form the beginning they are indeed in sales and no, I don't work for them nor do I stand to gain a thing by linking them, their info is just a useful starting point. I include this "go-to" for quick information as the tip of a  very large iceberg that is only the beginning of a long journey to learning more. Consider it a catalyst to knowledge that will hopefully lead to the wisdom that comes in the experiences birthed by that knowledge. It will start off as very basic "stuff" and expand in time. Other sites I reference...
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    Most known for how it absorbs negativity and calms in times of stress. It’s also a very protective stone and helps one to stay grounded even in situations that are unexpected. For these reasons it is good to take with when traveling  no matter where those travels take you.

    It is thought to balance the meridians and have a cooling effect on the body so it helps with stress, insomnia, nervous problems and spinal alignment.

    It brings protection into the home as well by turning negative energy into positive vibration. It also promotes positive communications as it induces mental organization, in other words, being able to sort out your priorities. The clarity of mind helps focus not just with communications with others, also as a useful tool for meditation as it is soothing and grounding.

    Emotionally, hematite decreases negativity and helps restore balance between the mind, body and spirit connection. It boosts self esteem and confidence and is said to be aligned with the root chakra. It is also thought that one should keep hematite away from water though I haven’t quite figured out a reason for that.