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Crystals & Stones

This zone will include healing as well as metaphysical properties of crystals, minerals, stones and rocks. More will come up as new questions and discussions occur within the zone.\r\nA really good source of basic information is a website called Crystal Vaults, much of the information included here about the basics of crystals will be from there. The information there is by no means exhaustive and to be clear form the beginning they are indeed in sales and no, I don't work for them nor do I stand to gain a thing by linking them, their info is just a useful starting point. I include this "go-to" for quick information as the tip of a  very large iceberg that is only the beginning of a long journey to learning more. Consider it a catalyst to knowledge that will hopefully lead to the wisdom that comes in the experiences birthed by that knowledge. It will start off as very basic "stuff" and expand in time. Other sites I reference...
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Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz

    Rose quartz is a stone of the heart and is often associated with unconditional types of love. A lot of people immediately think of weddings but this includes familial love as well. This stone is thought to encompass such emotions as compassion, nourishment, tenderness, peace and healing.

    Rose Quartz has a dissolving effect on emotions that don’t serve the proper manifestation of unconditional love. Fears associated with resentments, holding grudges and emotional wounds of all kinds are diminished. Rose quartz also stimulates creativity as it inspires love of beauty as well as other kinds of love. The imagination is inspired by all art forms from writing to music to painting, photography and many more.

    Since it is well known it is a good stone to enhance love relationships of a romantic I’d like to point out its value in the enhancement of one’s ability to form relationships via better communication that comes from a place of universal love not just romantic love. Rose quartz contributes to the dissolution of anger, fear and resentment which helps with actually listening, real communication and compassion for the concerns of others all are enhanced and negativity is replaced with hope.

    It has been reported to offer a nurturing and calmness for people whose mothers have passed on as it is itself a mothering crystal. The nurturing quality it has makes it a good stone for anyone who hasn’t had much love in their lives, especially the type of love this stone is resonant with, that familial and unconditional bond. It also can refer to universal love, the bind that connects everything to everything else.

    It helps when someone has restlessness during sleep and promotes soothing dreams.  It is an all around calming and reassuring stone to carry for anyone having experienced upheaval, especially of a traumatic nature. This upheaval can be in the physical, mental or spiritual aspects of life and manifest in a number of ways but Rose Quartz strengthen empathy and sensitivity so it helps in acceptance of necessary and inevitable change. It balances yin and yang energies as well and thus promotes a healthy balance between the physical and the spiritual.

    For protection against gossip and anyone with malicious intent, a medium to large sized piece of unpolished rose quartz being somewhere in the room will help. For example, if co-workers are problematic one could be kept on your desk.

    Rose quartz also helps people who have had their hearts broken or have been betrayed, again, not just with love of a romantic nature but any unconditional bond of love that has been taken advantage of and misused. All of this also makes it a good stone for people who have been raped. Overall, it helps one to forgive themselves for past mistakes and have the strength to not accept blame others try to pin on them in an attempt to off-load accountability for their own inadequacies.