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How to identify, clear and heal the root causes of anxiety.

    ura soul
    How to identify, clear and heal the root causes of anxiety.

    Most of us at some time have experienced some degree of 'anxiety' and while some of us may then find balance again relatively quickly, many more will experience a sense of being stuck with the undercurrent dread, panic, fear and guilt that often combine to create an overall sense of unease that we do not fully understand. Here i will explore this subject and provide some insights that i have gained through my own lived experience and personal study in this field.

    Often, a distinction is made between anxiety and fear - whereby fear is defined as being a response to a 'real' threat or challenge, whereas anxiety is defined as being a longer lasting, potentially more limiting emotional state that is often not so easy to find causes for. So we already have a number of avenues of exploration here that need to be understood in full before we can learn to heal anxiety at it's root.

    Why is there a challenge in finding the cause of anxiety?

    When our feelings/emotions are lovingly accepted by us and allowed to express fully, they are free to change and evolve as we do and in response to the ever changing realities we experience in life. This ideal state of free expression is sadly rare in our current world environment and if you stop the acquisition of this text using your logical, sequential mind long enough and simply feel just how absent the free expression of emotion has become in human life on Earth - If you have not completely disconnected from your real feelings - then you will very likely feel some of the truth of what is being said here. When we choose to deny our real emotions and choose to control them rather than express them, we cause numerous problems within our own energy system and one of those is that we force the emotions and their original causes to become semi-conscious or even unconscious.

    When we choose to deny our real emotions and choose to control them rather than express them, we cause numerous problems within our own energy system and one of those is that we force the emotions and their original causes to become semi-conscious or even unconscious.

    Once our emotional routes/roots are unconscious within us we are no longer able to consciously understand them, their message, their needs and their origins. This 'pool' of denied emotions can build within us and is usually layered, with the deepest layer often being fear, panic and terror and the layers on top of that fear often being rage and anger that seek to hide the existence of the fear and protect us from what we are frightened by. This unconscious pool of emotional energy drains us, makes us tired and directly effects everything we think, say and do. We can hold this for so long in life that to us it becomes 'normal' and we have no concept that this state is in fact not balanced and thus not really normal at all.

    It is the unconsciousness and disconnection from the causes of feelings that have arisen over possibly long periods of time that initially makes identifying the causes of our anxiety a difficult challenge. By the time our collage of emotions has evolved into anxiety we may have lived a considerable numbers of years and made many decisions that further complicate our inquiry and search for internal truth and balance. The anger that sits on top of the fear also makes the challenge even greater - since anger will often completely distract us away from the journey of discovery and have us wanting to attack others and ourselves instead of actually learning, healing, balancing and evolving. These problems begin with our own denial of self and emotions. The denial that allowed and caused the emotions to sit in an unprocessed and unaccepted state also has a part to play in preventing the identification of the causes of anxiety since there is already an inherent rejection of the issue by us and thus a rejection of the reality of the situation - as we inappropriately justify our emotional control and suppression for our own reasons.

    What do we need to do to find the balance?

    Just as when we have forgotten what we experienced in our own past and are suddenly triggered by something to remember, so too may we be triggered into coming into contact with our lost/unconscious emotions. Often the trigger comes in the form of meeting a similar experience, person, feeling, sound, thing or other energy vibration to the ones that were involved in causing our lost and unconscious emotions originally. The similarity brings us to a state that momentarily forces our conscious mind to once again connect to what we have denied within us and we are then presented with a choice - although we may not recognise it yet - where we can either choose a path of inner unification, healing and balance or we can continue the denial and possibly make our problems worse by further burying the issue within our unconscious self. When entering this state of being, most of us - in ignorance of our options - have chosen to do our best to just ignore the problem, change the subject or at best just allow a small amount of the emotions to surface and express. We have been so conditioned away from free expression of emotions that, in fact, a furious volcano of rage within us may be so squashed and compressed that it never appears on our exterior as anything more than a constant expression of discomfort on our face.

    If we are to heal our emotional body and the myriad of symptoms that arise in the rest of us as a result of emotional injury, we need to go beyond this control and learn to give real expression to real feelings in the way that feels good. If we were to really feel deeply and examine our own thoughts on why we are controlling the emotions we would find that the thoughts are usually based on error and are certainly not based in joy or an intention to increase self acceptance, awareness and expression of love. It is this alignment away from love and towards control that wreaks havoc in our emotional body and in life in general.

    It is this alignment away from love and towards control that wreaks havoc in our emotional body and in life in general.

    It may be obvious to many that anxiety is closely involved with fear and a sense of threat to survival - but what is not so obvious due to the denial involved, is that with anxiety, the threat to survival may be very real - but just not understood. Often we are led to believe that emotions are 'dumb' or at least we certainly do not value them as a divine aspect of who we are that have their own powerful presence and role in our evolution as individuals; this apparent lack of intelligence in our emotions is not an inherent failure of emotions however, in truth the problems began when our mind decided to ignore the emotions, since conscious focus and acceptance is what the emotions need to remain balanced and helpful. This denial and lack of acceptance is literally a threat to our own survival, just as real of a threat as suffocation or a car crash may be to us. Our deepest feeling parts know this already, but are often disconnected from our conscious mind - so much so that that our conscious (more mental) parts commonly create all kinds of explanations for our feelings which have little accuracy in them at all. If you can imagine a small child being ignored by everyone around them and feeling frightened that she cannot get what she needs in life then you can begin to feel and understand how our emotional bodies feel as a result of having been so extensively denied by our mind and other parts.

    Healing the surface aspects

    Since some of the emotions involved are more conscious than others, it is common and understandable for us to begin by healing the more conscious and known/obvious feelings and to then go deeper when we are ready. So how do we do this?

    In short, the emotions need to VIBRATE. Emotions all have their own sound signature and when we feel them deeply and just breath - with no force or mental control involved, we will come to feel in our body a need to move and express in some way - commonly involving a sound. Moans, shrieks, screams, sighs, laughter and many other sounds may feel to be the right sounds for you that need to be made as different emotions surface. Once you begin expressing and feeling consciously your own buried and lost feelings, you will gradually start to feel better and feel a release. Anxieties will gradually be understood with greater depth and will transform into greater peace as you come into alignment with the best version of yourself that lives complete truth internally.

    The mental component

    The other important part to this process is the mental component which requires us to identify the false thoughts we have been holding and to release them - allowing our thinking to evolve and for us to become more aware, free and conscious. The limiting beliefs are often held in the form of judgments which state that 'x is y' - rigidly defining the situation and not leaving space open for change. Examples of such judgments are 'I am ugly' and 'People are stupid' - neither of these statements are absolute truth and yet we often panic and feel a need to define reality in order to make some sense of things and to enforce a type of control into life that we think we need. It is this attempt to define, limit and control our reality that sets us up for our own suffering, since our experience of life, our thinking and our potential decreases exponentially as we layer in more and more judgments into our own thought processes. Holding such limiting and false thoughts can cause us to feel uneasy and stressed, we also generate false emotions to support our false thoughts - all of which adds to the discomfort and dis-ease.

    Holding such limiting and false thoughts can cause us to feel uneasy and stressed, we also generate false emotions to support our false thoughts - all of which adds to the discomfort and dis-ease.

    The combination of judgment release and emotional decompression and expression (movement / vibration) is VERY powerful and you can clear a lot of held charges quite quickly if you really put your heart and mind into it. You will start to feel better rapidly and will come to learn the value of the process despite held fears that may continue to prevent some progress due to them not being ready to come forward for clearance yet. Releasing judgments is as simple as finding the presence of the judgment, feeling into all the emotions that connect to the judgment, allowing the feelings to express and then openly stating that you no longer believe the judgment. This combination of action and intent will make the necessary mental and emotional space within you for deep change to occur.

    Going deeper and remembering your past

    Inevitably, as you access lost feelings, you will begin to remember past experiences that you had forgotten. You may encounter everything you have most wanted to get away from - including traumas, heart breaking experiences and nightmares. This though, is not a reason to give up or to judge that healing is too difficult or frightening to attempt. The reality is that these things will only come forward when you are ready providing you truly hold the intentions to HEAL, BALANCE & EVOLVE. It is our intentions that determine our destiny in our lives and once our emotional body and will can feel that we intend to heal, we will be tapped in to immense intelligence that knows how best to proceed - even if we consciously lack that understanding at present.

    When troubling memories and feelings do surface, we will already have increased our understanding of self and our level of balance and self-love, such that we are much more able to process and heal our ailing parts than we were during the original trauma. By simply using the lessons learned from healing our surface issues, we can more easily vibrate our more deeply compressed and denied parts - bringing them into a healthy state of peace and acceptance within us - even if the path to doing so involves a few loud screams and noises along the way. It is infinitely wiser to go through the process of making the sounds you have been programmed never to make, than it is to live under the weight of unloving emotional control and the dogma of the voices that tell you that you are wrong to be and feel as you are.

    True healing does not involve drugs and can be done if you are ready

    The corrupt and seriously lacking modern 'medical industry' will always do what it can to claim that there is no real solution to many problems and that the best we can do is take drugs to suppress symptoms. This is akin to painting over the warning lights in your car when there is a problem in your car and attempting to continue as if everything is fine. Eventually the care (and you) will break down and what was once a simple problem has now become much worse. When we used chemicals to attempt to change what is ultimately a feeling problem, we not only fail to solve the problem, but we make the problem worse by creating a false sense of security AND usually through adding a toxic load to the body in the form of the drugs themselves. This is 'great' only for the shareholders in the drug companies and has nothing to do with real healing.

    Real healing starts in the heart, not in a medical university and healthcare is a DESIRE, not a MARKET!

    If you take the time now to let what you have read hear sink into your feelings, you will find an emotional response that can be understood and can be the starting point of your process of healing.

    Correct posture, nutrition and breathing will help settle your energy and keep you flowing

    An additional, important aspect is the need to support the body with all that it needs to stay balanced. This includes making sure you are not deficient in any nutrients, including sunlight and oxygen. This is a large subject of it's own and you can find a lot of helpful information here at Ureka in the nutrition zone and moving bodies zone. I recently wrote here about breathing specifically.

    You really can heal anxiety on your own and it will empower you to do it

    This is a much larger subject than can be covered in a few paragraphs - but what has been shared here is enough to 'flick on a lightbulb' or two in minds of those who intend to find balance. There are many more pages on related topics here at ureka.org, so if you want to read more you can search at ureka or start a discussion thread in a relevant zone.

    For those who really want to read the deepest information, i heartily recommend the books at www.rightuseofwill.com/books