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conspiracy - "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful." reality - "possessing actuality, existence, or essence." theory - "an idea used to explain a course of actions." conspiracies are created daily and by their nature are obscured by denial, half truth, deception and subterfuge. here we explore the details of conspiracy theory, conspiracy reality and all that may exist in between!
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Are the dates of 'terror' events predictable by analysing numerology used by secret societies?

    ura soul
    Are the dates of 'terror' events predictable by analysing numerology used by secret societies?

    Many researchers have put a lot of work into exposing the way that many if not most of the 'terror' events the world has been forced to endure are, in fact, organised by factions within the very governments who are tasked with protecting the victims. This type of 'false flag' attack is generally used to drum up support for policy changes that generally generate profits for arms corporations, extend the limits of state/government control and reduce the liberty of the populations involved. Unsurprisingly, here's evidence of a move to do exactly that from Theresa May in Britain as a result of the recent Manchester event and also to extend the 'state of emergency' in France that give the government extended powers. Further evidence for this pattern is already well documented and can be found in ureka and elsewhere. I will embed some videos that cover this in more detail further down this page - for now though i want to focus on a specific topic... numbers.

    As you can see from the image on this page, 6 of the more recent alleged terrorist attacks fell on the 22nd of the month and they shared the same 3 months. If we examine the full list of terrorist events globally during the last few years we see that there are so many that it might seem that the significance of these 6 falling on these days is not particularly important. However, what these 6 share that the vast majority of others (which mostly occurred in middle eastern countries and africa) do not share is that they were given massive coverage by mainstream media and used as leverage to attempt to motivate a change of opinion regarding the military/political posture of western nations on key topics. Is it possible that a group or groups are creating these events in a co-ordinated way to attempt to manifest some kind of plan on Earth? This is the claim of many researchers and here I am going to go through and analyse the probability that such a theory is correct. Also note that 22 people died in Manchester (excluding the alleged attacker) and the alleged attacker was 22 years old. Do you remember how the US world trade centre attack occurred on 911, the number for 'emergency' calls in america? The ancient art of numerology (working symbolically with numbers of significance) could well be being applied here.. let's find out:

    There are an average of 30 days in a month, which means that if there is no coherent pattern that is being applied consciously to 'terror' attacks globally, then there should be something of a random spread of days of the month that these events occur on. It is likely that it should take roughly 30 of these terror events before we find 2 that share the same day of the month. However, that is not what we find when we look at the dates of many of the bombings and mass shootings that have occurred in recent years. In fact, quite a few of them fall on the 22nd of the month and further, all 6 of the ones listed in the image above here fall on either the 3rd, 5th or 7th month. While there have been several hundred such bombings and shootings in recent years, i will only be focusing on the ones that occurred in 'western' countries and which involved significant media coverage, since it is these which are the highest candidates for having been deliberately created by western groups for propaganda purposes. It's been a while since i did any kind of probability calculations, but let's see what we can see (feel free to correct or improve on these calculations if you can):

    The chance of 1 terror event falling on any one specific day of a month is roughly 1 in 30, since there are an average of 30 days in a month.

    The chance of 1 terror event falling on a specific month of the year is 1 in 12 or (1 / 12).

    The chance of 1 terror event falling on a specific day of a specific month is, for the purpose of this calculation - roughly - 1 in 360 (based on the average of 30 days in a month).

    What is the chance of 2 terror attacks sharing the same month?

    That would be calculated by multiplying the probability of each event by each other, so: (1 / 12 * 1 / 12) = (1 / 144).

    What is the chance of 2 terror attacks sharing the same day of the month?

    (1 / 30) * (1 / 30) = (1 / 900)

    What is the chance of 2 terror attacks sharing the same day and month?

    (1 / 900) * (1 / 144) = (1 / 129600)

    What is the chance of 6 terror attacks sharing the same day of the month?

    (1 / 30) * (1 / 30) * (1 / 30) * (1 / 30) * (1 / 30) * (1 / 30) = (1 / 729,000,000)

    What is the chance of 1 terror attack occurring on a specific day in the month and in one of only 3 months out of 12?

    (1 / 30) * (3 / 12) = (3 / 360) or (1 / 120)

    What is the chance of 6 terror attacks sharing the same day of the month and also the same 3 months out of the 12 possible?

    (1 / 120) * (1 / 120) * (1 / 120) * (1 / 120) * (1 / 120) * (1 / 120) = 2.985984×10¹²

    2.985984×10¹² = 2,985,984,000,000

    So the overall chances of 6 'random' events falling on the same day of the month within the same 3 months of the year is around 3 TRILLION to 1!

    CLEARLY there is more than just 'random chance' going on here and since these calculations don't even take into consideration the similarity of the events involved, the actual probability of these events occurring by 'chance' in this way may be much lower than 3 trillion to 1.

    So.. What could be the cause of the date patterns?

    If the terror events were truly only the work of islamic extremists, then we should look to the isamic calendar for clues.. I am far from a scholar of islamic issues, so i turn to the basic wikipedia page on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_calendar

    The problem with this idea is that the islamic calendar has a totally different number of DAYS in it to the western 'gregorian' calendar - which means that it is probably almost impossible for such a repeating pattern that is meaningful in the gregorian system to also have meaning in the islamic system.

    Can we find anyone else who is linked in to these number patterns in some way?

    Well, since the other prime candidate for being the true planners of these terror events is often thought to be members of the shadow governments of the western nations and the western secret societies - such as Yale's exclusive and small 'Skull & Bones' society (which both George Bush Jr. and Sr. AND John Kerry were all members of).. Well, maybe we should look at their calendar and the way that they deal with numbers... Makes sense to me.

    A quick refresher for those who may not know about bush, kerry and skull & bones:


    and a quick insight as to what happens if you try to bring the issue up with john kerry in public:


    Anyway, back to the numbers.. As it turns out, they appear to have a well defined numerical code, a system of numerology, that they apply to many aspects of their lives - even including the way they lay out photos of their group and the hints they drop through symbology and even architecture. In fact, the topic is so vast that it takes weeks just to even start to look into the full scale of the many examples of the number codes that appear to have been inserted into our world by this and related groups.

    Marty Leeds is one of the best researchers i have found into these topics and he uses an approach that i also partially decoded long ago - but he has in some ways taken it further than I have and has found lots of interesting things with it. I'll let him give you a quick overview of just a small amount of the ways in which the skull and bones group use numbers and symbology:


    We can see that this group definitely likes to encode numbers and symbols into their activities, but are they connected to 22, 3, 5 and 7 in some way? Well, we know their main number symbol is 322 - which is obviously 3 and 22 - so, yes, on the surface there is a symbolic connection.

    To really do some useful analysis though, we need to go beyond hypothesis and just stick to known facts. Let's see what we can learn from what is known about numerology.

    The numerology of these attacks

    22 is the number of letters in the hebrew alphabet (and several other older alphabets) and also the the number of paths in the Jewish mystical Kaballah's Sephirot.

    There are 22 tarot cards - the card system used by 'mystics' to call for psychic guidance.

    There are 22 writable regular polygons in an Euclidiean circle: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 30, 36, 40, 45, 60, 72, 90, 120, 180, 360. These are twenty-two of the twenty-four dividers of 360, the two first, 1 and 2, not defining polygons.

    The head of the man is constituted of 22 bones: 8 for the cranium and 14 for the face.

    22 in numerology is considered a 'master number' and is defined on numerology.com as follows:

    The 22 is the most powerful of all numbers, able to turn lofty dreams into realities. It is confident, pragmatic, ambitious and disciplined.

    22 is double 11, which is also a master number

    Remember: It doesn't matter if YOU believe in the validity of numerology, it only matters that SOME people believe in it enough to use it when carrying out their evil deeds.

    So, it sure looks like someone might be attempting to manifest something using these terror events in a way that is to them using some kind of numerical method of 'magically' or 'metaphysically' empowering their actions.

    But wait, there's more!

    As it turns out, there are many more significant dates that also fall on the 22nd of the month (my thanks to the source for this image):

    Are these also evidence of a numerologist connection? I leave it to you to decide!

    Update: bomber was allegedly an MI5 'asset'

    As RT covered recently, it appears there is good reason to think that the bomber was being manipulated / handled by MI5 in Britain:


    Further viewing

    As i mentioned before, there is a wealth of information on these subjects online already - here's a great insight into the numerological and related aspects of the 911 event from mark passio:


    And here's James Corbett's classic short take on false flags:


    A BBC documentary that exposed how NATO was caught organising false flag attacks against innocents:


    A 1 trillion dollar lawsuit that alleged the Sandy Hook school shooting event was faked and staged - possibly to attempt to stimulate support for legislative changes intended to disarm the american population: