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HERBS; Medicinal, Magical & Metaphysical

The study of herbs could take many lifetimes and there are a lot of sub categories and "herbal adjacent" things to study besides how they heal physically. As with life itself, the physical, mental and spiritual can all be healed and enhanced using herbs and there are a wide variety of ways, from teas and tinctures to Rootwork in the Hoodoo or in the Gypsy tradition and even to the use of entheogens, to explore.\r\nThis zone is meant to be open to ALL of those avenues of study and discussion.\r\nDISCLAIMER\r\nNone of the information presented here is meant to replace medical treatment. Only use herbs as medicine if you know what you are doing, not if you just THINK you know what you’re doing, if you’re wrong there can be negative side effects. Improper use of herbs, just as improper use of prescription drugs, can harm or kill. Remember, natural doesn't always mean safe.\r\nCross reference at least three reliable sources of information before taking an herb. Be sure about dosage and...
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MAGICAL HERBS: Properties List

    MAGICAL HERBS: Properties List

    Herbal Properties/Magic

    Below are listed some of the magical properties and uses of the herbs and other plant materials found in essential oils and incenses. This list is by no means exhaustive. Many herbs have additional properties such as therapeutic uses in alternative healing and aromatherapy. Many herbs also have unique characteristics when used in combination with other substances.

    Herb or Plant and Magical Properties and Uses

    Acacia Protection, psychic powers

    Allspice Money, luck, healing

    Almond Money, prosperity, wisdom

    Amber For stability, self-confidence, and peace

    Ambergris To awaken love and emotion

    Angelica Root Used for protection and exorcism and to cause visions

    Anise Protection, purification, youth

    Apple Blossom For love and friendship

    Balm of Gilead Attract new love, mend broken heart, protection, healing

    Bayberry Money, good luck, peace, harmony, well-being

    Benzoin Purification, prosperity

    Bergamot Money, hex-breaking

    Blessed Thistle For purification and protection from evil, used in hex-breaking spells

    Buckeye Carry to attract money and to ward off aches and pains

    Camphor To awaken past life memories, stimulates psychic awareness

    Carnation Protection, strength, healing, vitality

    Catnip Creates a psychic bond with cats, attracts good spirits, love and luck

    Cedar Healing, courage, purification, protection, money, hex-breaking

    Chamomile For sleep and meditation, and to attract money

    Cherry Divination, love

    Cinnamon Lust, love, success, power, psychic awareness, healing, protection

    Clove Money, love, lust, exorcism, protection

    Clover Protection, money, love, fidelity, success, exorcism

    Coltsfoot Draws peace and tranquility, promotes visions, also used in spells involving animals

    Comfrey For safety during travel and to draw money

    Cyclamen To draw love and truth

    Cypress For comfort and solace, to ease feelings of loss

    Damiana Used for lust and love

    Dragon’s Blood Power amplifier, protection, love, banishing, potency

    Eucalyptus Healing, protection

    Five Finger Grass (cinquefoil) Protection, prophetic dreams, wisdom, and success in court cases

    Frankincense Spirituality, protection, exorcism, consecration

    Galangal For courage, strength, and for avoiding legal problems

    Gardenia Love, peace, healing, spirituality

    Geranium For fertility, health and love

    Ginger Success, power, money, love

    Ginseng For attracting love, luck and health

    Gota Kola Meditation

    Heliotrope To attract money and gain power

    Hemlock To induce astral projection, to purify magical knives or swords

    Hibiscus For love, lust, divination

    Honeysuckle Money drawing, psychic awareness, memory, healing, power, honesty

    Hops Healing, sleep

    Hyacinth For love and protection

    Hyssop Purification, protection

    Jasmine Love, prophetic dreams, money, sleep, love, healing, health, meditation

    John the Conqueror Money, love, happiness, hex-breaking, protection

    Juniper Berries Protection, health, increases psychic powers

    Lavender Chastity, love, peace, happiness, clairvoyance, longevity, sleep, protection

    Lemon Longevity, purification, love, friendship

    Lemongrass For lust, psychic powers and to repel snakes

    Lilac Protection, banishing

    Lily of the Valley For peace, harmony and love

    Lotus Spirituality, love, protection

    Magnolia Peace, nature spells, hair growth

    Mandrake For protection, fertility, money and love

    Marigold Protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters, psychic powers

    Mistletoe Protection, love, fertility, health, exorcism

    Mugwort Strength, psychic powers, healing, astral projection

    Musk Courage, fertility, lust

    Myrrh Spirituality, healing, protection, exorcism, transformation, consecration

    Narcissus For peace and harmony

    Nutmeg Fidelity, luck, money, health

    Orange Divination, love, luck, money

    Orange Blossom For beauty, love

    Orris For love

    Passion Flower Peace, sleep, friendship

    Patchouli Fertility, lust, money, protection, divination

    Pennyroyal For strength, protection, peace

    Peppermint Love, psychic awareness, lust, mental stimulant, energy

    Pine Healing, protection, exorcism, fertility, money

    Plumeria For love

    Primrose For protection and love

    Rose Love, beauty, psychic powers, divination, healing, luck, protection

    Rose Geranium Protection, fertility, love, health

    Rosemary Mental powers, youth, protection, love, lust, purification, sleep, exorcism

    Rue Healing, mental powers, protection, love

    Sage Wisdom, animal guides, wishes, immortality

    Sandalwood Spirituality, protection, wishes, healing, exorcism

    Sassafras Health and money

    Spearmint Healing, love, mental powers

    Spikenard For good luck, fidelity, and health

    Strawberry Love, luck and beauty

    Sweet Pea For friendship, courage and strength

    Tangerine Psychic powers, mental powers

    Tea Tree Healing, anti-fungal

    Tonka Beans Love, money, courage, wishes

    Vanilla Magical powers, mental powers, love, lust, rejuvenation

    Vervain Love, protection, purification, peace, money, youth, healing

    Vetivert Hex breaking, peace, luck, love, protection, exorcism

    Violet Animal guide work, wishes, peace, love, luck, lust, protection

    Witches Grass Happiness, lust, love, exorcism

    Wormwood Psychic powers, calling spirits, protection, love

    Yarrow Flowers Courage, love, psychic powers, exorcism

    Yerba Santa Beauty, healing, psychic powers, protection

    Ylang Ylang Love, lust, peace