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HERBS; Medicinal, Magical & Metaphysical

The study of herbs could take many lifetimes and there are a lot of sub categories and "herbal adjacent" things to study besides how they heal physically. As with life itself, the physical, mental and spiritual can all be healed and enhanced using herbs and there are a wide variety of ways, from teas and tinctures to Rootwork in the Hoodoo or in the Gypsy tradition and even to the use of entheogens, to explore.\r\nThis zone is meant to be open to ALL of those avenues of study and discussion.\r\nDISCLAIMER\r\nNone of the information presented here is meant to replace medical treatment. Only use herbs as medicine if you know what you are doing, not if you just THINK you know what you’re doing, if you’re wrong there can be negative side effects. Improper use of herbs, just as improper use of prescription drugs, can harm or kill. Remember, natural doesn't always mean safe.\r\nCross reference at least three reliable sources of information before taking an herb. Be sure about dosage and...
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MEDICINAL HERBS; Properties List

    MEDICINAL HERBS; Properties List

    Herbal Properties/Medicinal

    Below is a list of definitions. Often when we refer to medicinal uses of herbs properties are listed that might need definition, this list is meant to provide that. The following is a basic list, there are many more properties that I may have left out for now. Questions? Ask in the comments.

    ABORTIFICANT: Induces abortion.

    ADAPTOGEN: Helps the body adapt to stress.

    ALTERATIVE: Detoxifies via chemical reaction or through enhancement of a normal detoxifying or eliminative function restoring normal bodily functions.

    ANALGESIC: Relieves pain.

    ANHYDROTIC: Stops sweating.

    ANODYNE: Applied externally it relieves pain.

    ANTHELMINTIC: Eliminates internal (especially intestinal) parasites.

    ANTIBIOTIC: Stops growth of bacteria.

    ANTIEMETIC: Relieves nausea; stops vomitting.

    ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Counteracts inflammation.

    ANTI-PRURITIC: Relieves itching.

    ANTI-PYRETIC: Relieves fever.

    ANTI-SPASMODIC: Relieves spasms.

    ANTI-TUSSIVE: Prevents or reduces coughing and/or vomitting.

    APERIENT: Mild laxative.

    AROMATIC: Contains odorous volatile oils.

    ASTRINGENT: Firms tissues and organs as well as reducing discharges and secretions.

    CALMATIVE: Soothes and sedates.

    CARDIAC: Assists the heart.

    CARMINATIVE: Relieves intestinal gas; promotes parastalsis.

    CATHARTIC: An extreme purgative.

    CHOLOGOGUE: Promotes bile secretion

    DEMULCENT: Lubricates tissues.

    DEPURATIVE: Purifies blood.

    DIAPHORETIC:Causes persperation

    DIGESTANT: Promotes digestion.

    DIURETIC: Causes urination.

    EMMENAGOGUE: Promotes menses.

    EMOLLIENT: Softens tissues.

    FEBRIFUGE: Reduces fever.

    GALACTAGOGUE: Promotes lactation.

    HEMOSTATIC: Stops bleeding.

    HEPATIC: Promotes the health of the Liver.

    HYPNOTIC: Powerful sedative.

    LAXATIVE: Promotes bowel movement.

    LITHOTRIPTIC: Dissolves or discharges urinary or biliary stones.

    NERVINE: Strengthens functional activity of the nervous system; calming.

    NUTRITIVE: Nourishes the body.

    OPHTHALMIC: Treats the eyes.

    PARTURIENT: Assists or induces labor.

    PECTORAL: Affects the bronchopulmonary area.

    PROPHYLACTIC: Prevents dis-ease.

    PURGATIVE: Causes a strong bowel evacuation.

    REFRIGERANT: Reduces temperature.

    RUBEFACIENT: Dilates the capillaries, can cause a red, flushed appearance.

    SEDATIVE: Induces sleep.

    SIALAGOGUE: Promotes the secretion of saliva.

    STIMULANT: Increases internal heat and enhances organ functions.

    STOMACHIC: Relieves stomach problems.

    STYPTIC: Stops bleeding.

    TONIC: Strengthens vital functions.

    VASODILATOR: Dilates the lood vessels.

    VERMICIDE: Destroys worms.

    VERMIFUGE: Expels or repels intestinal worms.

    VULNERARY: Promotes the healing of wounds.