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constitutional mechanics 101

we commonly inherit national constitutional frameworks that were created within very different contexts to that which we are presently experiencing. thus what made sense many years past, now shapes our experience in ways which often are not comfortable.\r\nthis zone is for the exploration of evolving new constitutional agreements that best serve the needs of an expanding and evolving populous.
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I challenge YOU to review this evidence and conclude anything other than that our democracies are entirely fake

    ura soul
    I challenge YOU to review this evidence and conclude anything other than that our democracies are entirely fake

    My Great Uncle was a Lord in the UK house of Lords - and ever since hearing stories from him and my family of how government REALLY operates, I have looked for ways to find out the wider picture and share that with others. In some ways he (now deceased) was probably similar to how you might imagine such a (alleged) 'lord' to be - and i mean that more in the sense of a somewhat racist, exploitative power-monger moreso than of some kind of glorious and honourable justice maker (although i'm sure he did some good things at some point). Anyway, he made it clear that, for one thing, the prime minister of Britain was chosen years in advance and I found that curious since.. well, don't we have votes and elections for that?

    Government elections have always been entirely fake and rigged

    It wasn't until i heard Alex Jones and other similar commenters talking about how the 'bohemian grove' club near San Francisco was the chosen place for the world's richest people to come together and decide 'who the presidents would be' that I started to look again at this topic as an adult - it is hard to ignore the video that Alex appears to have filmed covertly inside bohemian grove that shows many people around a lake in the dark, wearing robes and carrying out a torch lit ritual that involves throwing (an allegedly fake) human baby into a fire atop a large owl shaped altar! I know this sounds completely insane, but  watch the video and you will see it is clearly a real thing:


    Ok, so we have a video of some of the world's richest people pretending to burn a child to death in a secret ritual and other stories from bohemian grove, including an alleged witness to murder and much, much more..


    Though these by themselves do not prove direct fraud in our alleged democracies, they do show that many of the people in the governments are operating completely differently in private to how they do in public, but that is a key point to get to grips with.  They thrive on presenting a fake image to the world, that offers plausible deniability whenever they might be caught out as being major criminals of various kinds -

    Do you really think that I could do something so terrible? I kiss babies and help the poor - I have nothing in my life that can be said to be dishonourable!

    One of the most amazing examples of this in recent times that i have seen is this video of alleged Canadian prime-minister Justin Tredeau, wherein he is asked over 20 times a simple and direct question that relates to him being investigated by the ethics commissioner and 20+ times he completely avoids the question with a fake face that mixes smugness, superiority and to me, something more sinister. To make matters worse the human robots behind him often nod on as if they are somehow adding something to the situation and as if to say "yes, what he is saying is entirely appropriate and makes perfect sense to me" - even though the vast majority of humans will see his posturing as little more than the actions of a conman and habitual liar being caught out:


    You see, even if they don't rig the actual vote counting, the elections are rigged ANYWAY by the placing of corrupt and controlled (often blackmailed) individuals into the position of 'leader' and from therein other corrupt 'team players' are placed into other key roles in government - meaning that the voting was all but useless. What difference does it make who you vote for when you can only choose between 2 or 3 options and they are all corrupt?

    The recent US government election was another classic example - how can we honestly say that choosing between Trump and Clinton was a choice that would guarantee a great change for the world or America? Clinton has a long history of being involved in fraud and crime - coming out more by the day - and Trump is not far behind in that regard. Even Trump's own biographer went on record as admitting to having lied for money when he wrote the bestselling biography about Trump: The art of the deal. He apologises for misleading the world about how Trump is actually extremely mentally limited and has the memory of a goldfish - in fact, both of Trump's biographers have gone on record saying they are extremely worried that he is president because he is so dysfunctional:


    And then there is the undercover footage showing how the Clinton camp deliberately orchestrated violence at Trump rallies to attempt to make Trump look bad!


    The Problems are systemic and not just the result of small, corrupt groups

    There are many ways to demonstrate that the systems are entirely corrupt, I could talk for hours about the corrupt financial systems and how they are mathematically guaranteed to result in injustice and poverty for the majority of humans. However, I still think that one of the most telling and revealing insights into this subject comes from an Ivy League Historian called Carroll Quiqley, who wrote a massive book that told the history of one of America (and our worlds') most powerful secret societies. The story goes that they let him have access privately to their own records for 2 years and allowed him to write a massive book - which was intended to not be published publicly, but he did anyway! However, the book was so massive and 95% of it was dry and academic, with no juicy bits - that most of us have never heard of it. Thankfully a diligent researcher named Joe Plummer recently wrote his own book that takes the most insightful parts of Quigley's work and makes it available (for free) for everyone to see.

    Joe Plummer helps us to learn that 'the network' is a vast and extremely wealthy group that has sought to dominate the entire planet through every means necessary under the belief that white men are the world's most intelligent and that they must therefore control everything else (that's the short version). I suggest everyone take the short amount of time necessary to at least watch and learn from this interview from 2016 and ideally read his free book too:


    book link: http://joeplummer.com/tragedy-and-hope-made-easy.html

    Further media on this topic

    I could go on and on here, posting link after link and video after video.. I will spare you though, unless i am asked for more.
    For those who do want to see more, you can review the relevant katalist:


    May we all realise the depth of the denial we are experiencing on earth and make the called for changes!