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Crystals & Stones

This zone will include healing as well as metaphysical properties of crystals, minerals, stones and rocks. More will come up as new questions and discussions occur within the zone.\r\nA really good source of basic information is a website called Crystal Vaults, much of the information included here about the basics of crystals will be from there. The information there is by no means exhaustive and to be clear form the beginning they are indeed in sales and no, I don't work for them nor do I stand to gain a thing by linking them, their info is just a useful starting point. I include this "go-to" for quick information as the tip of a  very large iceberg that is only the beginning of a long journey to learning more. Consider it a catalyst to knowledge that will hopefully lead to the wisdom that comes in the experiences birthed by that knowledge. It will start off as very basic "stuff" and expand in time. Other sites I reference...
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    Kunzite is said to create a bridge between the heart and the mind. Often people are told they think too much with their head or too much with their heart. Kunzite is a stone that helps to keep that constant flux in balance. It helps people to be honest with themselves about how much love they are getting and how much they are giving. It is really handy for folks who tend to close themselves off due to the past since it helps one deal with past issues that may have resulted in missed opportunities.

    A stone of emotion and unconditional types of love, most notably, universal love and one's ability to tap into it. It is a powerful healing stone especially of the  emotional body and in particular for people who have unbalanced hermit like tendencies. It is helpful for people who have had to grow up too fast as it  helps to restore some level of innocence lost and it helps restore trust.

    There are variances of color but the most commonly known are the pink to purple variety called kunzite and the yellow to green variety called hiddenite or simply, green kunzite. These two varieties are often used in combination with one another to great effect. There is also a pale to colorless variety called triphane or spodumene. Bolder colors are more desirable as they are rare and quite beautiful, often pale stones are heat treated to make them appear bolder in color. The color of the stone can fade in sunlight over the course of time.

    There are some combinations with this crystal that enhance the vibration and even help direct it, such as using it with rose quartz or  with lemurian crystals to name just a couple of options, it really depends upon your intent. Combinations that work to best effect are discovered by the person who needs them trusting their own instincts. Kunzite promotes tolerance for the self as well as empathy for others. It also encourages humility and a willingness to be of service.

    Kunzite has been said to treat migraines that are associated with hormones. The stone has a very feminine resonance and is good for everything from puberty to menopause that has to do with the reproductive system. It also strengthens the circulatory system and the heart muscle. It can calm epilepsy and soothe joint pain.

    Pink kunzite's coloration is said to bring rays of determination, caring and commitment as well as calm anger and resentment. It also helps with meditation. The varieties of purple are said to emit rays of self wisdom that allow better insight into our own hidden desires. Kunzite resonates universal and unconditional types of love, plain and simple. It is said to be associated with the heart and crown chakras and with Leo, Scorpio and Taurus.