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How the science of breath helps us be more successful and peaceful.

    ura soul
    How the science of breath helps us be more successful and peaceful.

    How the science of breath and increasing our emotional awareness can result in more success in all things

    Since moving my focus (many years ago) from an outer focus into our world to a more inner focus where I value my own body and internal process as being more significant than outer world events - I have become dramatically more effective at what I do and consistently produce better results. In fact, as a software engineer, I have created my own social network, as a musician, I have created most of an album and as a writer, I have created most of a large book!


    Correct breathing is a key to balance and success

    We all breathe, yet how much do you know about breathing and how it can affect your thoughts, emotions and performance in everything you do? Not all breaths are created equal! Just making a seemingly tiny change to our breathing patterns for the better can have a knock-on effect that totally changes our experience of reality. The increased oxygen and lowered body stress that right breathing brings can result in more productivity, clearer thinking and increased receptivity to new understandings. All of this results in the potential for us to feel calmer and manifest more of what we need.

    Below are two of the best 'Ted talks' videos on *breathwork* that I have found. Why are they the best? These 2 involve only minimal passing on of mental programming. Other speakers have put a lot of time into describing the problems of mental 'chatter' in ways that involves their OWN mental chatter being present in the talks themselves! Passing on more controlling mental patterns instead of allowing the individual to clear their own controlling mental patterns in a self-empowering way is not helpful. Many say that 'mind control' is needed for us to be at peace, yet the truth is counter to that. Only when control ends can balance manifest.

    Introduction to breathing exercises:


    5 minutes a day to breathe into balance:



    Meditation doesn't need to be static and while sometimes being still is of benefit for us, at many other times it is the opposite that we need - we need to be freely moving to feel the pulse of life that keeps us motivated, happy and alive. Life is about balance and if we are to be creative with computers we MUST also balance that with movement that is away from the screens and phones and buttons.. You might not have realised yet, but life itself is a vibrating dance and.. well, most of us came to DANCE!


    Emotion is energy motion and through moving into balance we come to peace

    The emotional self is the most misunderstood aspect of self and almost no-one yet has the full depth that is available on this topic. All forms of control are unhealthy - especially control of the emotions. Emotions are 'energy motion' and thus they are not being what they truly are if they are not moving and vibrating. Controlling emotion is limiting vibration and it is this that more than anything else will 'lower your vibration'. It is not that 'fear and anger lower your vibration', instead it is the denial of the true feelings that causes the dysfunctions within the emotional body, NOT the emotions themselves.

    Fear is a valid response. anger and rage are valid responses. In fact, rage is more loving than much of what 'spiritual people' often call 'loving'. Rage is your will responding to being denied and overpowered. Anger is the raw survival surge of personal will that seeks to keep you alive because it loves you and you are loved. Thus rage is the will that seeks balance for you after being overpowered. To deny rage its true vibration is nothing less than slow suicide.

    Rage needs to be moved safely and privately for most people as we commonly have backlogs of suppressed emotions that we are unconscious of. there is no amount of mentalisation that can replace the movement of true feelings. True feelings have a signature sound that they translate to and it is the sound that is needed to be expressed. We are vibrational beings and sound is vibration.

    The heart is the physical embodiment of the bonding of thought and feeling (yang and yin - male and female). By feeling unconditionally and moving the presence of self into the heart fully, we can begin to balance in a real and sacred way that has been rare on earth for aeons.

    Having fund and being creative just got easier!

    So now you have some of the tools you can always rely on to improve your clarity and make your life experience that much more productive and that much more rewarding - What will you use your creative sparks for now? :)

    Wishing you well!