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♡ Heart Healing Series ♡: #1 - A guided healing meditation from the heart.

    ura soul
    ♡ Heart Healing Series ♡: #1 - A guided healing meditation from the heart.

    It is sadly a little understood fact that healing begins within us - it does not begin in a medical doctor's mind or in a laboratory. Any good medical doctor knows and teaches that he/she can only do so much to help a patient and that in all cases they are simply helping the patient's body/mind systems to heal themselves. We can be so emotionally harmed that our healing will decreases and we do not heal. In fact, the word 'doctor' means 'teacher', not 'healer'.

    This is why it is so powerful and healing to work on the emotional body and the heart which is both emotional and embodies thought process too. The heart is also the central electromagnetic organ in the body - producing a quite large electromagnetic field and also creates electromagnetic pulses with each heart beat that resonate out a very long way - effectively meaning that all of our hearts can resonate as one if the desire is present for that to be so.

    Our hearts collectively form the natural 'inner-net'.

    I am now going to take you on an inward journey of exploration - so that you can experience some subtle changes that become possible by realigning the way we think, feel and perceive. The aim here is to increase awareness, to discover parts of self that we have been unaware of and to increase personal balance/wellbeing. Whether or not the benefits last for you is down to your own choices internally as you continue on in life. Depending on how injured and in/out of balance you already are, you may find that you open a doorway that leads to increased sense of connection with life and an increased ability to understand and connect with others in a useful way. It is important to understand that the present state of humanity is such that we are often deliberately closing down soul connection and our hearts precisely because we don't want to connect with others for our own reasons - so do not assume that you are 'failing' here if you do not experience enhanced connection and empathy with others - it may simply be that they are not open and willing to allow that connection fully. You may also find that you yourself need to process emotionally before you are actually willing to go ahead and do what your more mental aspect is curious about here.

    Getting comfortable

    We are going to explore your inner reality and you need to be able to do this without being interrupted by other people, sounds or anything else - so switch off your phones, computers and other field emitting devices and ideally put them in another room. I even recommend switching off any WIFI routers you may have and best of all just go out somewhere into the natural environment bare footed where you can connect to the wonderful natural resonance that will help you come into touch with where I intend to point you here.

    Preparing the breath

    Our breath is truly a powerful gateway into the unknown of who we are. It is the lungs and breath that function both consciously and usually unconsciously too - so by becoming more deeply conscious of the breathing process, we are also connecting our conscious parts to our unconscious parts. Breathing deeply into the belly - but not stressing any parts - and then breathing fully out is sufficient to start to break any habits of chest breathing and shallow breathing. We need oxygen and so this is a good opportunity to start to open up the lungs to more oxygen if you are someone who does not do that usually.

    There is no rush here, simply relaxing and breathing and holding the intentions to HEAL, BALANCE & EVOLVE will do much more than you might be expecting in advance of experiences that can show you the potential here.

    Drawing inwards

    Where we place our attention is significant in determining our experience and also what we can learn and understand. Our world has become over complicated and out of balance, so we are often conditioned to constantly be alert to phenomena that are outside of our own body - 'out there' in the world. This is fine if we are driving a car or navigating a supermarket - but right now we are going to shift that into an inward awareness - we are going to draw our attention inward using an intention to do so. Our ability to do this involves FEELING and so we feel all the way through our body, from the tips of the toes, moving slowly upwards to the top of the crown of the head.

    Re-member, you are only feeling YOU - there is no need to fret and worry about the process. You may feel pains and tensions that you habitually ignore - just continuing your breathing and focusing into what you would otherwise deny is enough to get the 'ball rolling' here. As you increase your acceptance of these pains and feelings you may experience an increased sense of peace and balance. You may sigh or need to stretch or move - that's all fine - ending control is a helpful move as the result is an increase in freedom.

    Notice how much thinking stops as you stop focusing outside and also notice any barriers you may be holding that say it is wrong for you to focus only on yourself. We are often programmed to falsely beLIEve that inward focus is ‘selfish’ or ‘not good enough’ - this though only creates guilt and guilt is it’s own blockage to self acceptance, peace and balance. There is, in truth, no way for us to be completely happy and balanced without going inwards and compassionately accepting all that we find of us there – so those who will blame us for allowing ourselves to focus on ourselves are themselves out of balance and outside of integrity. There is no need to blame them, simply be aware that you do not need to join them in their blame game by blaming yourself.


    Re-member, there is no rush here. As you are exploring inwardly you can notice your own heart and the feelings in your heart area. What does your heart feel pulled or pushed to do or be or focus on? You can inquire of yourself why your heart is as it is. If you have no understanding of how a heart can feel or think in these ways, then you can feel in your belly and elsewhere to seek out any emotions that are keeping your heart denied and closed down. Often fear and guilt are responsible for this and you may need to process those emotions safely before you can really feel and reach your heart. Allowing your emotions to make sounds in private is the way to peacefully get those feelings moving and to allow them to evolve into new feelings.

    Continuing breathing, while feeling your heart – Are there desires and needs that you know to exist in your heart that you have been blocking out or blocked from pursuing in some way? Allowing your heart’s essence to vibrate will let you know what you are doing there and you may experience waves of symbolic imagery and other types of thoughts which help you to navigate and understand yourself here. There is no need to attach your mind to the images, just stay focused on being receptive in general to whatever is revealed in you.

    How does your heart pulse feel? Do you feel any restriction? Any pain? You can always ask your body’s cells if they are in need of something, such as nutrition, exercise, sunlight, rest or anything else. Your body is highly intelligent and yet ironically it is our out of balance ‘mental mind’ that often has been misled into thinking that the body is ‘dumb’ and must be ‘controlled’. It is only when the ‘mental mind’ listens to the body’s voice with compassion that we can have harmony of our internal aspects and this balance is found in the heart.

    Finding the balance

    Continue on, it may take some time before each layer of your feelings and injuries become noticed and before your anxieties release enough for your conscious energy to be able to optimally respond to what you are uncovering. Again, there is no need to rush.

    Give particular attention to any messages and voices and memories you may uncover, they may be in the form of your own voice ‘records’ or records of someone else’s voice. Who told you that weren’t good enough? Who told you that you are unlovable? There are many such judgements that humans have infected each other with over the aeons and they all need to be released now if we are to heal and enjoy the balanced health and the longevity it brings. By learning to feel for what is and what is not a judgement inside of us, we can really clarify our own mental processes and really begin to feel free again.

    Judgement release

    Judgements are thoughtforms that are rigid and attempt to define a situation as being a certain way. We make them when we think we must come to a conclusion about a particular subject and we don’t know all the details. Judgements always contain errors and imprecisions and we can learn to feel their presence – they always deny something and we can feel the presence of denial.

    Are you denying yourself self-love because of a judgement? Perhaps you are judging that ‘only good boys/girls are lovable’ and ‘I am not good’ - These are both common judgements that our ‘teachers’ and ‘parents’ weighted us down with as they unlovingly thought that control was the way to gain peace in their lives – when, in truth, the opposite is true. Control prevents free expression and free expression is necessary to ensure our energy can move and evolve. The alternative is the stagnation that so many have known on earth – Victorian England is not an ideal model for child rearing!

    Emotional Movement

    Mediation should not be rigid and static. If feelings arise then let them move and express – with body movement and sound if you feel to. It is only through allowing LIFE to move in and as us that we can heal and be empowered. Every emotion has a sound signature, you only need to feel the emotion and let the energy-motion trigger your body in the way that feels right for you.

    The more you do this, the easier it will become and the better you will feel.

    Finish whenever you prefer

    There are no real rules surrounding the timing of the kind of emotional and heart healing I am sharing here. The idea is to stop applying force and pressure to self, so timetables are counter productive. When you feel you are ready to return to the events of life, just go right ahead!