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Changes to the way we embed videos

    ura soul

    From now on, any link that is used in a post at Ureka which is for a page that presents a video that can be embedded, will automatically be converted into a watchable, embedded video in the page in Ureka. This was already the case for thoughts and comment areas, but now your links will auto-embed videos when you shout them on the activity page too.

    Currently Ureka only fully supports youtube and vimeo - however, I will soon be adding further video/media sites to the list soon.

    Be aware though, that this kind of embedding of videos will not result in the video being added to the searchable video galleries in Ureka and are just a quick way to display a video in a post. If you want to add videos to the video galleries, you still need to use the 'Add video' option that can reach in the '+' drop down menu at the top of the site and in the form of the buttons that appear at the top of the lists of videos in the video galleries.