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♡ Heart Healing Series ♡: #2 - Understanding the holographic soul; Our Emotions, Thoughts, Cosmos & Origins.

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    ♡ Heart Healing Series ♡: #2 - Understanding the holographic soul; Our Emotions, Thoughts, Cosmos & Origins.

    In part 1 of this heart healing series, I gave a form of guided meditation that can be used to gain a direct understanding of how to increase awareness of your body and emotional needs, plus how to begin to tune in to your heart and it's vibrational alignments. Now, in part 2, I will describe some concepts that may be useful when coming to understand exactly who we are and what exactly we are doing as we think, feel and explore our own being. The greater the knowledge of self you attain, the more able you are to help and be helped towards greater health and understanding.

    Self Awareness

    As we live life we are intended to grow and evolve our understanding of ourself and of all that exists. We can do this through lived experience and through inquiry - yet it is often the case that we focus more on the apparent external reality than we do on our own inner reality. This has created a society and situation for us where there are many among us who can speak several languages, strip down an engine and program a computer - yet who have little to no understanding of their own inner languages, engine and programs. This lack of awareness of our internal reality is an important issue that needs to be addressed if we are to really heal and find balance in life.

    Holographic reality


    You may have heard or thought about the idea that our universe shares properties with holograms or even the claim that our universe IS a hologram. Holograms are very educational for us since they demonstrate some important patterns that do effect us in life, but which we often have no awareness of. The common form of holograms on Earth are made by using a pair of laser lights to encode a special pattern (called an interference pattern) that can be used to create a projection that appears to us to have 3 dimensions to it - so we can look at a 2 dimensional holographic image and it will change as we look at it from different angles, as if it were 3D. You can read more on the details of this here. Holographic interference patterns also have the interesting property that if the plate that they are imprinted into is shattered into many small pieces, the remaining fragments ALL CONTAIN ENOUGH INFORMATION TO RECREATE THE ENTIRE HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION! So this means that the information that makes up the hologram can be found right through the plate in a way that is quite unusual indeed. If we examine our universe and body we will find that there appear to be holographic qualities there too, in that there are patterns that repeat all the way through the cosmic reality and in us and when studied further it becomes apparent that we often can be found to be actively recreating these patterns in our own behavior.

    Why is this important? We ourselves experience a multi-dimensional reality - we experience time, space and other aspects of existence simultaneously and these different dimensions are usually seamlessly unified inside our mind so that we might not be quite as aware of them individually as we would benefit from. The more we are aware of our own patterns and those around us, the more wisdom we can embody as we live life and so we can improve life and increase our freedom and experience of free will. By noticing and understanding the various dimensions we can also hugely increase all of our abilities - including the ability to find balance and to understand who we are and our own true origins.

    An extra dimension is produced within the holographic projection of a hologram when light is shined through the interference pattern that creates it and is itself reflective of the way that we create extra dimensions inside of us as we shine the light of our own consciousness through the patterns we are holding in our emotional and physical bodies.

    For example, an old feeling of fear that we have forgotten about may take on a new form when it is combined with the light of our current consciousness and is obscured/blended/merged with other feelings and patterns that we are also holding. The qualities we allow into our own mind and thus the light of our own consciousness may colour and effect the images we see as we explore our own emotional body and so learning how to identify the original causes of each thought, memory and emotional pattern/imprint inside of us is key to increasing our own capacity for balance, healing and also to increase our own levels of intelligence too.

    The more we know the origins of all of our emotions and thoughts, the more we can understand why we think as we do and whether the images and feelings that come to us are accurate understandings of reality or are illusions based on internal dysfunction, assumptions, judgements and denials.

    Living like a bird in a holographic tree

    holographic trees

    The present moment - the now - is where we experience reality. If you imagine that you are a small bird on a branch of a holographic tree - you might only be aware of a small part of the tree to begin with because you haven't explored much yet and are still fascinated by what you are seeing from your current location. As you learn and explore further, you come to understand more about the tree and where you are. In doing the exploring, you also learn about your own abilities and who you are. Our experience as a soul - since the original cause of this universe can be understood to be quite similar to the holographic tree in my little story here. In any moment we are receiving sensory information about our surroundings and we can be using most of our internal mental power and focus just to understand where we are. Just like the bird, we may think that all that is in our reality is this branch of our tree (of life) and what we are immediately sensing.

    If we now become more adventurous and fly to other branches in our tree, we might then realise new things - we may find new fruits, leaves and other parts of the tree that all serve a purpose in keeping the tree healthy. This is similar to the way that our lives change and we experience new places, people, thoughts and emotions - as we do so our experience and understanding grows too. Eventually we might come to have flows to every branch and now we have a good understanding of the surface of the tree - we might wonder what is within the tree and under the tree and beyond the tree, but we do at least become familiar with what is obvious. This level of awareness is similar to the level of consciousness that many humans reach in their lives - they understand the surface level of life on Earth, but they never question deeply enough what exactly life on earth IS and what sustains it. They could though, find the truth of these issues, without reliance on the dogma of organised world religions or other institutions, whose 'voices of authority' claim to know the truth, yet when questioned on important related topics will so often avoid the question since they are ignorant of the answers.

    Imagine that you are the bird in the tree, but now imagine that the tree is actually you too! The bird represents your present state of mind and being in the present moment and the tree represents your life. You may have been a little hurt on one branch of your tree a long time ago and you may have had great joy on another branch. Key here is that THE WHOLE TREE EXISTS REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU ARE - In other words, your own soul record and emotional story exists regardless of where you are placing your attention right now. This is very important to understand because it is easy to forget your past, your origins and thus also become disconnected from your real feelings. It is imperative that you open to connect to your full history of real feelings if you are to be fully balanced, to fully heal and to understand your real origins.

    Meditation can help, but ONLY if you do not control anything within you

    (Why are you 'bombing for peace'?)

    Far too many teachers of meditation are convinced that we must empty be controlled during meditation so that we can 'find peace'. In truth, peace can ONLY exist when control totally ends. Controlling for peace is like 'bombing for peace', it cannot work. The 'best' you can do through emotional control is temporarily stifle emotions which might give the temporary appearance of a new balance, but in reality this only harms the emotional self and forces them to go undercurrent. They will arise again, but next time they may be more angered and less balanced. Attempting to force further control to 'fix' the emotions will only cause further imbalance. It is this kind of dysfunction based on error that is also at the core of drug addictions, for example, where the drugs create a temporary euphoria that is replaced by a sense of loss and imbalance - the inexperienced soul will seek to use more drugs to get 'high' again, without realising that they are only attempting to make up for what was lost as a result of using the drug. Some natural drugs and meditation CAN help us to expand consciousness and increase balance, but only when used wisely and with the correct intentions underlying the thoughts and decisions we make in the process.

    So what is meditation without control? It feels good, is liberating and includes the allowance that if we feel a need to move and shake and even scream and moan, that we do that and accept that we are increasing our own energetic health and vitality in the process. Do you want to be a stone buddha statue? Or a living, thriving, energetic and powerful soul?