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ET (UFO) Disclosure Series: #6 – One of my own close encounters with a plasma lightship as seen in this Mexican documentary & confirmed by NASA

    ura soul
    ET (UFO) Disclosure Series: #6 – One of my own close encounters with a plasma lightship as seen in this Mexican documentary & confirmed by NASA

    In 2002 I experienced my first close encounter with a Plasma Vehicle (otherwise known as a Lightship). To fully understand how this occurred is itself no short exercise or simple task and while I can describe most of the details of the interaction, there are still some aspects that I am uncertain about myself. What I can say is that my 2002 experience was not the last close encounter I would have with such a vehicle and in 2007 I had a second equally close visit at around about 100 Meters distance. I would be somewhat unlikely to be sharing of this publicly now if it weren’t for a friend pointing me to a documentary from Mexico a few years after my experiences, in which one of the same vehicles that I interacted with is seen up close too, just as I experienced it and where the images of the craft are confirmed by NASA specialists as valid and reliable images.

    In this post I will introduce the documentary and provide some background as to my own experiences, but to fully explain them will take several posts and a lot of background information – I did not simply wave my hands in the sky and get a response from the Cosmos, the days leading up to my experiences were all significant spiritual journeys of rapid learning and transformation for me – which resulted in strong points of attraction being created between my reality and the reality of the ‘visitors’ - our meeting was not by chance.

    Carlos Diaz’s Lightships

    It takes quite a journey of discovery to first accept that non human visitors to Earth are present in our Earth’s atmosphere and to then accept that they have interest in communicating with us when we are receptive and to then actually interact with them with minimal actual preparation for the event. Yet that is what I have lived through and yes, I did have 2 direct interactions at close range (less than 100 meters) with different Light Ships – which is to say ‘Plasma Vehicles’ that are not limited to the rules of our commonly perceived physical reality on Earth.

    A similar journey was undertaken by Carlos Diaz, the Mexican photographer about whom a lengthy documentary was made due to his own interactions with the same form of light vehicle that I interacted with in 2007. He stumbled into a late night interaction with this plasma vehicle while driving in Mexico and took some good, clear photos of the ship. That though, was not the end of his experiences and throughout the rest of his life he has continued to interact with the vehicle and it’s occupants, even claiming to have been taken on board and shown special places that are unknown by most humans wherein initiates are shown highly unusual phenomena for the purpose of accelerating their own learning on Earth.

    Carlos’ story is all the more powerful for two reasons

    His photos were tested by NASA and forensic image specialists

    They concluded that his images were 100% authentic and not tampered with in any way. The agreed that the images displayed some kind of light/plasma object/vehicle.

    A Mexican University team was invited to meet the craft and did!

    Although this may seem impossible because ‘it would be front page headlines’ - the fact remains that this really did occur and can be seen in the documentary below. The University team basically thought their invitation to meet an UFO was a hoax and were utterly terrified when the vehicle manifested in close proximity to them!

    The broader context

    As you will have seen if you have reviewed the evidence I have posted in the earlier posts in this series, there are numerous high ranking military and other kinds of professionals who are all openly talking about their own interactions with ET vehicles, beings and much, much more than that. Against that backdrop, I am quite comfortable putting my name to my experiences and sharing them with the world.. but that is for another post. For now, I invite you to watch the following documentary.

    Documentary: Ships of Light

    This is quite a long video that can be a bit slow to progress, perhaps reflecting the slightly slower pace of life in Mexico’s more rural areas that might frustrate ‘city folks’ a bit – but you can always watch it at a sped up rate using Youtube’s video playback speed setting if you want.

    PART 1:


    PART 2:


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