News Headlines 22nd July 2017


    Six dead in worst Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed for years

    Four Palestinian martyred in protests in occupied territories

    Why Trump’s Syrian Cease-fire Makes Israel Nervous

    Trump ends CIA support for Anti-Assad rebels to improve relations with Russia

    Hezbollah, Syria liberate 9 border areas from terrorists in joint offensive


    US-Saudi air strikes hit Saada

    Saudi regime prevents UN plane from flying to Yemen

    Tillerson hopes blockade will be lifted

    Qatar ready for talks to resolve crisis: Emir

    ""People are amazed to see Qatari people maintaining high level of morale despite the unprecedented smear campaign,"

    [Akin to the high level of morale I maintained despite the unprecedented smear campaign by Qatari/Thani state-funded Al-Jazeera.]

    Qatar adopting pro-terrorist policy, Egypt says

    Bahraini Activist Charged under Terrorism Law
    [Ebtisam Al-Sayegh]

    Governments Zero In On Folks With Rh-Negative Blood, Have Since World War II

    'Weight Limit' - GCR_RV History - Friday - July 21, 2017

    Coinbase and GDAX will not support Bitcoin hard fork

    High Power Manifesting by One Who Knows_Richard Lee McKim Jr.

    US Urges All Nationals In North Korea To "Depart Immediately", Bans Tourists From Visiting

    [When this occurs in South Korea that will be an indicator, a traditional sign of imminent conflict between nations.]

    Philippine leader vows to hunt down Maoist rebels after scrapping talks

    War On Independent Media Explodes To Orwellian Levels - What Are You Going To Do When Your Favorite Websites Are Gone?

    Global olive oil supply under threat as deadly bacteria reaches Spain

    Windows 10 is failing us

    Spicer quits as Trump’s press secretary

    12 States Initiate Emergency Procedures 20 August 2017 14'47
    [Published on Jul 21, 2017]

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