News Headlines 22nd July 2017#2

    News Headlines 22nd July 2017#2

    CNN labeled "a disgrace to all journalism" for producing endless stream of very fake news

    No. 10 shuts down access to PM May for Scottish leader Sturgeon

    Afghanistan: Sexual Exploitation of Boys Now a Crime

    Thousands of Jordanian protest against Israel's Al-aqsa security measures

    Islamists surround rivals at Syria-Turkey crossing, truce agreed

    ISIS kills 25 regime troops near Tanaf border crossing: sources

    End of Mission Statement by Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar

    Rohingya: Our lives are worse than animals

    "Our lives are worse than animals ... we are human only in name."

    Pope Francis Named as 'Prime Mover' in Child Trafficking Ring

    Philippine MPs to vote on martial law extension bid

    Key Marawi bridge retaken, 6 terrorist snipers killed

    Sayyaf men clash with soldiers; 2 dead

    CNN’s rating go down the drain as viewers overwhelmingly reject FAKE news network

    Anti-Assad Propagandists Use 7-Year-Old Girl As Propaganda Tool – Narrative Proven False

    Chester Bennington was About to Expose the Truth Behind Chris Cornell's Death

    Digital Economy Act 2017 #UK #BigBrother #1984

    "They May Have Information We Don’t" - Are The Elite Preparing For A Cataclysmic Event?

    NASA releases new images of raging storm on Jupiter

    Tornado rips through downtown McGregor, Iowa

    Amazonian Cold Snap Grips South America…Veteran Meteorologist Calls It “Spectacular”

    Fastest decline in solar activity in 9,300 years

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