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LUCK DOES EXIST & YOU CAN MAKE IT! It's Not What Most People Think It is...

    ura soul
    LUCK DOES EXIST & YOU CAN MAKE IT! It's Not What Most People Think It is...

    My whole life I have heard 'Oh, that was unlucky' or 'That boy is so lucky' - but what IS luck? Is it a curse or a gift from 'the gods'?

    Essentially, we often feel that luck is just a name given to an imagined 'thing' or 'force' that we might 'have' when we experience great things in our lives - yet some of us really do appear to have more of it somehow - so... why is that? Are the 'lucky' ones just being more imaginative than the unlucky ones?

    Synchronicity is Magic

    I once had a friend that was well known online for her apparently divinely guided and magical ability to create events and 'luck'. If you were to ask her about it she would say that she creates her own reality and that spirit/god helps her. I once saw her say "oh, I wish I had a ticket to the Burning Man festival" and then she looked at her emails and one arrived with an offer of a free ticket to that exact festival!

    What she was demonstrating was understanding and use of what is called 'synchronicity' - which is effectively the ability to attract and cause, non-physically, events and situations to manifest in our lives which reflect our needs and desires without consciously, fully planning them out in full detail or even taking any physical action to cause them. I have seen this occur in my own life and for others a huge amount of times and I fully accept that this is 'normal' for everyone - it's just that most of us don't realise we can do/use it and so we don't and never notice our latent ability.

    So how does 'luck' factor in?

    I like to look at the roots/origins of language to better understand the concepts that the words represent. In Latin, 'light' was 'lux' and there is a major clue and to what luck really is. 'Light' in a psychological or spiritual sense essentially means 'understanding' - so we are said to be 'enlightened' when we understand. The greater our understanding, the 'brighter' we are said to be. So, it follows that what we have called 'luck' is actually an effect of increased understanding and specifically a combination of understanding about our relationship to the cosmos/earth/life and also our level of self acceptance (which we can also call 'understanding' of self).

    It is through a combination of understanding who we are and something of how life mechanically works - with regards attraction - that we can come to be at peace. When we are at peace, we are a better resonator for our desires and we can think more clearly. Our balance is our key to drawing to us what we need in life - we are not going to be distracted by conflicts when we are balanced and we are going to be able to direct our energies more effectively to where we need them to go. Our universe is not 'dumb' or 'dead' - it is literally a living field of beingness and beings which is capable of intelligently guiding phenomena according to the heart's will of those beings who are part of it and co-creating through it as a vehicle for their thoughts and intentions.

    'luck' CAN be created after all!

    All we need to do is cultivate a deeper awareness of who we are and to ALLOW magical attraction and manifestation to be real for us! We are powerful enough to effectively hide our ability to draw to use what we need simply by holding beliefs/thoughts which say that it is impossible.. We are then effectively drawing to us the reality that proves to us that we can't draw realities to us! How creative of us!

    Just by reading this text and beginning to open to what is being shared here, you may start to notice greater synchronicity in your life. You may notice that your desires start to become easier to realise and that your inner world starts to be reflected more in your outer, physical world.

    Life is not meant to be hard! We just create a struggle through our perceptions of what is and what is not possible.

    We are infinite beings - we just need to think and act like who we really are!

    Got Comments?

    What do you think/feel about this? Do you have any exciting stories of synchronicity to share here? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

    Wishing you well,
    Ura Soul