News Headlines 24th July 2017


    2 killed, 1 wounded in shooting at Israeli embassy in Jordan
    [A Jordanian doctor was killed]

    Some 50 People Killed in Car Blast in Syrian City of Idlib – Reports

    More than hundred Jewish settlers break into al-Aqsa mosque

    Israeli security Cabinet meets to reconsider metal detectors at sacred Jerusalem plaza

    Israeli occupation forces artillery shelled the eastern border of Gaza.

    "Local political analysts clarified that if there will be an escalation over Gaza in the coming hours or days, this would be an attempt to entice the world’s eyes away from Jerusalem escalation and violance by launching a new war over Gaza."

    Israeli Tank Attacks Hamas Post in Gaza Strip – IDF

    Japan PM Abe denies favours for friend amid falling support

    Hungary Prime Minister Says George Soros Seeks To Muslimize Europee

    [A strategy-of-tension requires opposing forces. Problem->Reaction->Solution is harder to implement without divisions.]

    Netanyahu faces pressure over holy site after violence kills 8

    Erdogan heads to Gulf in hope of easing Qatar crisis

    End Finally In Sight For Massive California Wildfire

    9 found dead in sweltering truck in immigrant-smuggling attempt in Texas

    Strong storms roll across northern Illinois, where floodwaters aren't receding

    Agreements on East Ghouta zone in Syria signed - Defense Ministry

    'Ruthless human smugglers' blamed for deaths of 9 people left in a truck in 100-degree Texas heat

    Why it is right to send military to Qatar [Turkish geopolitics]

    BBC’s Female Stars Demand Network Close The Gender Pay Gap

    Trump Ends CIA Program Of Funding Terrorists In Syria; Will Things Actually Change?

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