News Headlines 24th July 2017#2


    I was never against a world government per se. What I decried was it being run by the same old evil, imagination-free, control-freak idiots.

    Fatah's former Gaza chief reveals power-sharing deal to end blockade

    [I advised Mr Abbas to alter his position. Now the sands are shifting beneath his feet. I advised Mr Tillerson that the focus had shifted northwards. He is similarly failing to take initiative on that situation.

    I have no other agenda than stability.]

    At least 12 killed in Kabul car bombing

    Afghan official  Taliban overruns district headquarters

    AAN Q&A: An established industry – Basic facts about Afghanistan’s opium-driven economy

    'Shame on Humanity': Head of CARE Addresses Crisis in Yemen

    Erdogan meets King Salman in push for Qatar mediation

    Mexico City Deploys 1,000 Cops against Burgeoning Gang

    Over 71,000 Homes without Power in Chile’s Capital following Snowstorm

    Rashan Charles death: 20-year-old who died after police arrest was ‘gentle and caring person’

    Why Pacific and Maori communities are rising up for a free West Papua

    Fretilin’s win ‘victory for all’ but coalition will rule Timor-Leste

    Kushner to face both intelligence committees this week

    Venezuela’s Maduro says election for new congress will go ahead

    Opposition Violence Responsible for 23 Venezuelans Burned Alive

    Evo: Trump Should Allocate Military Budget to Fight Poverty

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