News Headlines 26th July 2017


    Leaked  Netanyahu tells European leaders concern for Palestinians is ‘crazy’

    Disbelief is growing as Scotland’s First Minister backs Israel’s dark arts

    Reflection of a catastrophe; The Jewish agency and the King David hotel explosion

    Is Trump set to fire AG Sessions AND Chief of Staff Preibus  Prez wants fighters as Deep State turns up the heat

    Bitcoin exchanges cratering under ramped-up cyber attacks… is crypto currency safe to hold

    Forging neighborhood relationships and alliances may be the only way to survive when SHTF

    US House of Representatives passes bill to toughen sanctions on Russia

    Press review  Malorossiya as an EU taboo and Moldova’s animosity to Russian peacekeepers

    Brexit  Eight out of 10 Brits want control of British borders

    What Could Eventually Allow Russia Forcing US Out of Syria

    Fear and Trepidation in Tel Aviv  Is Israel Losing the Syria War

    The former UK foreign minister  We worked with the Islamist terrorists including ISIS hoping to oust Assad

    Syrian Forces Seize US, French Supplied Weapons from Terrorists,-French-Supplied-Weapons-from-Terrorists

    Hezbollah Says Terrorists Facing Total Defeat in Arsal [Lebanon]

    US Sanctions Hezbollah amid Lebanese Group’s Anti-Terror Offensive

    Libya's Rival Leaders Reported to Have Agreed on Ceasefire

    Shutdown in Kashmir after Arrest of Pro-Independence Leaders

    Chinese Warplanes Intercept Intruding US Spy Plane

    Adobe to pull plug on Flash, ending an era

    ALIEN activity  What is this terrifying black ring FLOATING over Yorkshire

    [Ah ha ha yeah right, pull the other one it has a sleigh attached.]

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