News Headlines 5th August 2017


    Tell Your MEP to Stand Up and Save the Link

    U.S. gives United Nations official notice on move to withdraw from Paris climate deal

    Georgia To Roll Out Tens Of Thousands Of CCTV Cameras With Real-Time Facial Recognition Capabilities

    Facial Recognition ID Moves From Planes and Trains to Conferences and Events

    Israeli police confirm Netanyahu is suspect in fraud investigation

    DOJ Document Dump to ACLJ on Clinton Lynch Meeting: Comey FBI Lied, Media Collusion, Spin, and Illegality

    Massive US Sex Trafficking Bust Ensnares Over 1,000—Including Law Enforcement and Clergy

    Children Refugees in Greece Continue to Fall Prey to Human Traffickers

    United Auto Workers loses battle to unionize Mississippi Nissan plant after two-day vote

    Survival Saturday  Aug. 5, 2017

    Geopolitical Tensions Are Designed To Distract The Public From Economic Decline

    Countries Are Ramping Up On Gold Purchases As The Dollar Takes A Dive - Episode 1340a 18'53
    [Published on Jul 24, 2017] X22Report

    The Corporate News Propaganda Is Masking What's Really Going On - Episode 1340b 23'29

    Lynette Zang: Central Bankers & Insiders Want a Controlled Demolition System Reset? 43'52
    [Published on Jul 25, 2017]

    Poland Uses Imaginary 'Russian Threat' to Obtain Secret US Military Technology

    10 Secret Submarine Bases Hidden in Plain Sight 12'26
    [Published on Aug 1, 2017]

    Your social media history could determine your U.S. visa eligibility

    2 huge Trump murals appear on West Bank barrier

    Amazon found to be running a “secret lab” to exploit healthcare profits via medical records

    Archon Invasion Part 1 - The Origin of the Nephilim (FULL) 2'01'07

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