News Headlines 5th August 2017_2


    Coalition hits Raqqah hospital with white phosphorus: Red Crescent official

    Syria to U.N.: U.S.-Led Coalition Must Be Held Accountable for War Crimes

    NATO’s “War On Terror” Leaves Famine, Disease In Its Wake In Africa

    Iran, Turkey, Qatar mull land route amid Saudi crisis

    South Korean FM says open to meeting North Korean counterpart

    Black youth didn’t swallow drugs before he died in police custody – watchdog

    Kunstler Warns "'Russiatosis'... Will Blow Up In America's Face"

    Tesla Ignores Q2 Record Cash Burn And Slashes Its Model X And Model S Prices

    Major rescue mission underway after US marine aircraft 'mishap' off Queensland coast

    [Another lousy Osprey.]

    Ari Harow, the man who could bring down the prime minister

    Police said to recommend charges against PM in two graft probes

    Shocking Footage Of Saudi Siege Against Own Citizens

    "I tell ya.....seeing the footage from Iraq, Syria...and Saudi Arabia...these shit holes........We have it good here in the USA.  Especially here in the Northwest.  Having all the money in the world still does not make up for living in a 110 degree Sand Pit. I'm good...."

    [Your nation destablised the whole region for oil. Way to go. Champion comment. Top quality blinkers.]


    Ancient Elongated Skulls  Antarctica From ANCIENT ALIEN DNA

    WATER 2 Meters From Mars Rover In Gale Crater, October 2015

    Syria August 3-4, 2017 3'33 3'35

    5G and The AI Control Grid 54'14
    [Published on Aug 4, 2017]

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