News Headlines 7th August 2017_2


    Kenya prepares for poll amid fears of violence

    NASA Flag Bearer Raila Odinga Final Rally Address At Uhuru Park in Nairobi
    [I'm predicting a stalemate, or at least not an outright Kenyatta win.]

    Human rights agency warns against use of excessive force during elections

    [Disaster preparedness equipment has been handed out to police including hundreds of body bags ahead of tomorrow's elections. The officers received gloves, stretchers, first aid kits and other emergency materials as part of preparedness to deal with casualties in case of violence during and after the elections.]

    Angry protests in Israel

    Zionism, terrorism pose major threats to Mideast: Rouhani

    Mercosur Nations Suspend Venezuela and Request an Immediate Political Transition

    Venezuela - What Media Isn't Telling You About Protest Leaders

    Venezuela foils military action against Maduro

    America Blames Iran despite Sunni Takfiris Killing Internationally: Christians and Hezbollah

    UN condemns Saudi disregard for civilian lives in Yemen

    Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs on a working visit to Doha, Saturday
    [Algeria clearly keeping good links with Qatar which is telling of it's relationship regarding KSA and it's influence over it's neighbour, Morocco.]

    Iranian soldier kills 4 of his own in Tehran

    An Iranian soldier kills 4 of his comrades on a military base

    UPDATED  Oil resumes flowing from NOC in Kirkuk into Ceyhan pipe

    Iran - Iraq discuss Kirkuk - Iran pipeline amidst uncertainties about Kurdistan

    Princess Diana documentary airs dirty laundry of sexless marriage, affairs and bulima
    [I too think Channel 4 should've left this alone.]

    Google Now Targets 'Conspiracy Theory Websites' And UFOs In Latest Update

    Beware, Sprinkle Smart Dust! 'You Might Already Be Microchipped'
    [Hitachi began manufacturing this in 1983]

    Feeling Weird  This Is Why  Schumann Resonance Quadruplet [Video]

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