News Headlines 7th August 2017_3


    A quarter of Kenya’s electronic voting stations won’t have network coverage to send the results

    Moroccan king blasts political parties for failure to contain crisis

    Qatar-Quartet Crisis Controlled by Fine Balance  Saudi Losing Credibility [Hezbollah perspective]

    Sudanese leader on ‘private visit’ to Morocco

    Bahraini King Excluded from Qatar Dispute Talks: No Western Official Visited or Contacted Hamad bin Isa!

    Jordan’s monarch says no breakthrough in peace process without US commitment

    The Organization of Islamic Cooperation urged Myanmar to respect the Rohingya Muslims’s rights

    “Graveyard of empires”; Trump’s plan for Afghanistan is no different from his predecessors’

    Syrian Democratic Forces accuse Assad regime of trying to hinder Raqqa campaign

    Coalition's Phosphorus Bombs' Use 'Blatant Violation of Int'l Law' - Damascus

    After Bombing Raqqa Hospital, Coalition Airstrikes Reportedly Kill 43 Civilians

    Nine Family Members Killed in Saudi-Led Airstrike in Yemen

    US official says next anti-ISIS battle will be in Tal Afar, similar to Raqqa

    The Israeli judge who decided certain Arabs are predisposed to violence

    ‘It’s about revenge’: Court revokes Israeli citizenship of alleged Palestinian attacker

    Israel's Netanyahu looks to exude calm in face of charges

    Fatah denies reports that Abbas ‘thwarted’ Egyptian initiative to end dispute with Hamas

    Abbas Pledges to Ramp Up Gaza Sanctions

    Gazans demonstrate against ‘terrorism’ in Egypt

    Saudi Man Killed Trying to Help Citizens Flee Awamiya,

    BRICS countries strike fatal blow on US dollar supremacy

    Russian Bank Consortium Uses Ethereum-Based Ledger as Government Signals Support

    Russia’s biggest banks take lead in embracing blockchain technology

    WannaCry hero gets bail; pleading not guilty over Kronos malware

    Amazon Echo Can Be Hacked to act as a Surveillance device

    New Bill Seeks Basic IoT Security Standards

    Here’s How You Can Run the Nostalgic Windows XP on an iPhone 7

    mintyPi Custom Parts Build Guide

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