News Headlines 8th August 2017


    China scores diplomatic coup in sea row

    No loss of land, ever  Xi Jinping

    China Unveils New Weapons - From Stealth Fighters To ICBMs

    China FM Urges DPRK to Respond to U.S. Guarantees

    Japan, South Korea and U.S. plan international push to denuclearize North

    New defense chief Onodera suggests Japan should consider acquiring ability to strike North Korean missile bases

    Philippine military needs 20,000 more troops due to greater threats: Duterte

    Typhoon Noru kills two, draws near Japan

    Typhoon Noru hits Osaka, heads for eastern Japan

    Taiwan urges Pyongyang to stop tests

    A MATRIX Chain Seeking to Define Blockchain 3.0 by Incorporating Blockchain and AI

    Mogherini steals the show in Iran, warns US

    Iran’s Intelligence Forces Arrest Daesh Terrorists

    Wasserman Schultz Says Laptop She Sought To Keep From Police Was Awan’s, Not Hers

    Media Ignores Fed Lawsuit by Dems Accusing DNC, Wasserman Schultz of Fraud

    DOJ Releases 400-Plus Pages of Lynch-Clinton Meeting Emails – After Comey’s FBI Said No Records Existed

    Bitcoin has devolved into a “pyramid scheme,” warns analyst who foresaw the dot com crash

    Police Receive God’s Eye Technology, Google Earth with Real Time Tivo Capabilities

    Hungary rights chief denounces ‘data grab’ bill

    Turkey & Qatar stage military drills amid Gulf diplomatic crisis

    Yemeni Forces Inflict Heavy Casualties on Saudi Mercenaries

    Yemeni Army's Missiles Inflict Heavy Casualties on Saudi-Led Troops in Assir Province

    Saudi Crown Prince Offers Cessation of Hostilities along Yemeni Border  Report

    Saudis Blocking Fuel to UN Aid Planes in Yemen

    Iraqi Popular Forces Stress Readiness for Military Confrontation against Barazani

    EU sanctions Russian deputy minister over Siemens turbines to Crimea

    2 protesters arrested after laying down on tracks to block oil train in Washington

    Ethiopia Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin, 7 August 2017

    “Nothing can justify terrible acts of abuse against women and children in Kasai”  UNICEF - Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Doctor Disillusioned with Medicine Goes The Alternative Route – Makes a Recovery from Lyme Disease in Just Three Months. Here’s What He Used…

    ANOTHER Holistic Doctor, Working Against Big Pharma, Shot Dead In Boulder

    Jodie Foster Blows the Whistle on Elite Hollywood Pedophile

    Violent thunderstorm hits Italy after major heat wave, leaves 3 dead

    Massive sinkhole in Florida keeps growing, 7 homes affected

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