News Headlines 9th August 2017


    Natural News targeted in massive, well-funded, multi-nation DDoS attack to silence debate on vaccines

    Lavrov calls to settle North Korean issue through dialogue

    Trump warns of 'fire and fury' against North Korea's threats

    Taliban release 235 hostages after Afghanistan 'massacre'

    9 killed in 7.0-magnitude quake in SW China
    [Other reports put the Chengdu, Sichuan quake at 6.5]

    Jordanian king tells Abbas Trump committed to peace process

    Condemnation Is Not Enough – UN Must End Saudi Brutality in Yemen

    'This is not Aleppo'  Shock at extent of destruction of Saudi Shia town

    Israeli forces to demolish school, commercial structures northeast of Ramallah

    Israeli war jets strike on Gaza in response to rocket firing

    Jerusalem family has until Wednesday to vacate its home for Jewish settlers

    Revoking Palestinians of Jerusalem residency potential 'war crime'  HRW

    Coastal Patrol Ships Test Fire Griffin Missile in Arabian Gulf

    Iranian drone flew within 100 feet of US Navy fighter

    Syrian Army Liberates About 39 Square Miles From Daesh in Suwayda Province

    Caracas Mayor jailed,UN denounces Human rights violations in Venezuela

    Corbyn Calls for Dialogue Not Violence in Venezuela

    Here’s Your Guide to Understanding Protest Deaths in Venezuela

    Evo Morales Warns Against US Plan to 'Recolonize' Latin America

    Campesinos in Paraguay March in Push to Pass Debt Relief Bill

    Philippines National Democratic Front Says CIA Working to Overthrow Duterte

    The Muslims of Myanmar: Has the UN failed the Rohingya?
    [The whole world has failed them. And I'm sick of seeing American ignorant pathologically dehumanizing hatred of all Muslims.]

    Rohingya Blogger  Rohingyas and Their Japanese Supporters demanded Japanese Government urge Myanmar to allow Fact -Finding Mission#

    Here’s Why You Should STOP Using Aluminum Foil IMMEDIATELY

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