News Headlines 11th August 2017_2


    Labour MP questions Government's actions after latest Pike Footage

    At least 36 killed in China bus crash

    Trump thanks Putin for cutting US diplomats: 'We want to reduce our payroll'

    Chewing Guam:

    Hit or miss? North Korea's Guam strike plan's-Guam-strike-plan

    Guam eyes end to American colonial rule

    [It would be supremely cynical for me to suggest that the trend of nations leaving the orbit of the U.S., such as the Philippines, and potentially Okinawa to an extent, and possibly Guam could have anything whatsoever to do with Kim Jong Un threatening it's 'security'. I would never make such a ridiculous suggestion. Not in a million years.]

    Guam: America's military base in the western Pacific

    A New Korean War Would Quickly Escalate

    North Korea: Australia would support United States in conflict, Malcolm Turnbull says

    Donald Trump has complete, unchecked authority to use nuclear weapons

    The democratic ramifications of Nawaz Sharif’s ousting

    China is exporting risk to the Asia Pacific

    The Latest: Venezuelan leader wants meeting with Trump

    Russia buys tons of gold in response to Western sanctions

    Ukraine concerned about call from Germany to develop relations with Crimea

    IEBC to announce presidential results today, says Chebukati [Kenya Elections]

    We’re back to Kanu days of rigging polls, only difference is it’s hi-tech now - Munya

    'Black Sky Event'   Feds Preparing For Widespread Power Outages Across U.S. That Would “Bring Society To Its Knees”

    Labour HQ thinks it has way to trawl social media but still falls foul
    [NOT a positive trend for a govt in waiting.]

    Prince Laurent takes down Twitter account

    Four Earth-sized planets detected orbiting the nearest sun-like star

    Tech Stuff:

    Vault 7: Wikileaks Divulges CIA Tool for Capturing RTSP and H.264 Video Streams

    Microsoft - 71% of Windows 10 Creators Update PCs Use Full Telemetry Settings

    UK Wants To Criminalize Re-Identification of Anonymized User Data

    Disney sued for allegedly spying on children through 42 gaming apps

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