News Headlines 12th August 2017


    Nuclear nerves wipe $1 TRILLION off world stocks as investors take cover in safe haven assets including gold and government bonds during US-North Korea missile stand-off

    Trump threatens Venezuela with unspecified 'military option'

    U.S. imposes more sanctions against Venezuela including Hugo Chavez’s brother

    UPDATE 4: 41 dead, 179 injured after trains collide in Egypt's Alexandria,--injured-after-trains-collide-in-Eg.aspx

    China tightens the vise on social media

    Japan deploys missiles in response to DPRK Guam threat

    Take cover, avoid bomb flash: Guam issues nuclear guidelines

    Tillerson downplays DPRK threat on Guam

    Mossad spies in close quarter to Supreme Leader   Iranian press

    Key points of Senate McCain’s strategy for Afghanistan

    Over 600,000 Syrians returned home in 2017

    UN urges end to Gaza crisis in sweltering summer heat

    Morocco denies death penalty for Rif activists

    Is Breitbart’s War on McMaster Hurting Steve Bannon?

    Egypt rejects Kurdish independence vote, says any move should involve Baghdad government,-says-any-.aspx

    You WILL Get Micro Chipped, It’s Only a Matter of Time

    Leading Celebrities Pushing The Transgender Agenda Onto Their Children

    Facebook Now Out to Squish Even Newbie Potential Competitors

    How Deep State Keynesian Central Banks Have Been Creating The Next Financial Crisis

    Sweden Says No To NATO Membership

    Radical left in Catalonia  Catalan far left wants independence to “sweep away capitalism”

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