News Headlines 12th August 2017_2


    GOOLAG  AI-Executed Censorship By Google Creating Internet Ghettoes _ SOTN

    YouTube Begins Purging Alternative Media as the Deep State Marches Toward WW3

    The YouTube Purge is Here

    Google Censors Block Access to CounterPunch and Other Progressive Sites

    8 Easy Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure

    Mozilla Joins George Soros’s Efforts In Launching A Strike Against “Fake News”

    450,000+ Comments Against Keystone XL Pipeline Delivered to Nebraska Commission

    Dakota Access causes shift in oil transport

    Drilling halted at Van Hook oil well site

    U.S. Pipelines Spill 9,000 Gallons of Dangerous Chemicals a Day

    Mysterious death of federal prosecutor on Hollywood beach ruled a suicide

    Mystery behind Letter X on your palms (Only 3% people in the world have it)
    [Snah y'know.]

    An0nKn0wledge finally got his account suspended on Twitter. Boo!
    But, he can be found on Steemit with the same nick. Yay!

    To his credit he 'resteemed' this article below, and not a hint of a screed against arch cyber-villain Dorsey,
    either that or he hasn't twigged yet!

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