News Headlines 13th August 2017


    In the interests of sanity and safety for the world, global pressure for dialogue and diplomacy must be overwhelming -- @jeremycorbyn

    What "real" news isn't being covered because group A wants to fight with group B, and who authorized and organized the removal of a statute, that they knew would provoke violent news coverage?

    Charlottesville rally: President Trump condemns hate 'on many sides' in response to violence at right wing rally

    Authorities name driver suspected of plowing through counterprotesters, killing 1 at white supremacist rally

    US  Suspect charged with murder at hate march

    8 Wounded in Shootings Across the Chicagoland Area

    Violent protests mark results of Kenyan election

    Gold prices hit 4-month high on geopolitical risks
    [Jong Un, sanctioned, can say what the hell he likes, whatever Trump says will inexorably rock the markets.]

    Myanmar govt. imposes fresh curfews in Muslims-majority state

    'Yemeni forces sink Saudi-led coalition vessel'

    Special explosive used in Quetta Blast to hit Military vehicle: ISPR

    China's island building is continuing unabated

    How Conspiracy Theories Really Work

    Microsoft's Coco Framework aims to make blockchain easier to use for business

    "Coco, a new open source framework from Microsoft, could make it easier for businesses to properly utilize the power of the blockchain..."

    [Open-source and Microsoft do not belong in the same sentence.]

    Can Blockchain Technology Solve Digital Marketing’s Ad-Fraud Problems

    [The money steals a march on the faux money. Again! So bloody predictable. Meanwhile the craven salivate over the rising price of vapour. Those that think it will change anything at scale, are either delusional or greedy, or both.] Has been Cloudflared! (censored)

    7 Members of the Notorious "White Helmets" Found Dead in Idleb

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