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News Headlines 14th August 2017


    Kenya opposition leader defies pressure to concede defeat

    After criticism, White House says Trump condemns KKK, neo-Nazis

    [This is a classic no-win for Trump. Alienate him from his political base (however extreme) or paint him as a fascist for refusing to refute them.

    I can't help but feel that this was, to some extent, a staged event to change the focus of the news agenda whilst causing political turmoil which perpetuates division, and thus stymies a consensus on action against the embedded, self-enriching and entrenched crooks in Washington.

    Keep the statues, keep the monuments, it's tradition no matter how ugly, it should stand as a reminder of brother-against-brother fomented by usurious foreign powers and the abnegation of human-rights, for profit.

    You can't prevent people from wanting to retreat and live in the past, if they cannot understand the multi-faceted present. If they want to be ostriches to the roots of the problem, let them pick at leaves, and i'll leave the 'cottoning-on' metaphor out of it.]


    A New Generation of White Supremacists Emerges in Charlottesville

    3,000 swell protest over Netanyahu graft probes

    "Anti-Netanyahu demonstrations were also held in a number of other cities, among them Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba and Ashdod and Modiin."

    "Netanyahu accused the left and the media of using ever-widening corruption investigations against him and his family to try to oust him from power in what he called “a coup against the government.”"

    [But not against a kickback-accepting, media manipulating, influence peddling, division-creating, terrorist supporting crook.]


    Syria suicide blast kills 23 rebel fighters near Jordan border

    More Details Appear About Tiger Forces Airlanding Operation Behind ISIS Lines (Video, Photos) [Syria]

    Four UAE Soldiers Die In Helicopter Crash In Yemen

    Reuters Suggests But Can Not Find “Iran’s new route to Yemen”

    Iran to boost missile defence

    Is Alexa spying on us? We're too busy to care — and we might regret that

    Mini-Drones To Detect Satellite Phones To Boost Counter-Insurgency Capabilities Of Security Forces Across Globe

    "The technology is based on the usage of mini drones and can turn a wide range of aircraft into signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection platforms."


    A Legal and Policy Risk Analysis of the Erik Prince Plan to Privatize War in Afghanistan

    Danish submarine 'deliberately sunk'

    Stolen Russian S-200 Missile Explodes After Being Sold For Scrap

    US Launches Quiet Crackdown On Cryptocurrencies

    [As has Google in cloudflaring any site with crypto or bitcoin in it's title, presumably because they don't monopoly control the technology.]


    Good Lord  Former UK spy boss backs crypto

    The Fate of Online Trust in the Next Decade

    "We didn’t focus on how you could wreck this system intentionally [when designing the internet]." -- Vinton Cerf

    [Then you fail as an engineer AND an anthropologist.]


    Tropical Storm Gert forms in Atlantic Ocean

    USGS Warns California Needs Close Monitoring Of 8 Active Volcanoes

    Volcanic eruptions:

    Sangay, Ecuador 12th
    Klyuchevskoy, Russia 12th
    Kerinci, Indonesia 13th
    Reventador, Ecuador 13th
    Karymsky, Kamchatka peninsula, Russia 13th