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News Headlines 15th August 2017


    Rupert Murdoch urged Trump to fire Bannon: report

    [Murdoch, pro-Trump at Fox, and anti-Trump with TheTimes and SkyNews.

    Playing both sides against the middle?

    Fair to add that Murdoch states that he doesn't dictate editorial policy. Still,...]


    Protesters descend on Trump Tower as president returns home

    Protesters topple Confederate statue in North Carolina

    Internal Messages Show Some Google Employees Supported James Damore’s Manifesto

    [Very curiously framed by Condé Nast.]


    CNN Fires Commentator After ‘Sieg Heil’ Tweet

    Google Manifesto Author Just Might Have a Legal Casehttps://www.wired.com/story/google-manifesto-author-just-might-have-a-legal-case/

    Google joins Monsanto among the most evil corporations in the world by announcing ban on anything it considers a “conspiracy theory”

    leaked emails reveal, Saudi crown prince ‘wants to end Yemen war’

    Cash crisis exposes rift within Saudi-led coalition in Yemen

    Julie Bishop says she could not trust a New Zealand Labour government after Barnaby fiasco

    [This appears to be Australian government attempts to swing the NZ election (it's geographical neighbours) towards incumbent Bill English.]


    Domino's shares plunge after falling short of guidance

    "Shares in Domino's Pizza have plunged more than 20 per cent after the company revealed it failed to meet its own earnings guidance and that sales growth was slipping across its network. The stock closed at $51.11 a share on Monday and had fallen to $40.28 within in the first minutes of trade on Tuesday, wiping almost $1 billion from the company's market capitalisation. Shares had recovered to $44.68 by 12.50pm, down 12.6 per cent from the open."

    [A car drives into Paris pizzeria and "Domino's shares plunge after falling short of guidance". Blatant insider information and stock shorting reminiscent of just before 9/11. Coincidence, I think not. This was a cash-in.]

    Solar eclipse ‘reveals exact date Nibiru will destroy Earth…and it’s NEXT MONTH’

    * Eclipse enters through the 33rd state
    * Eclipse exits at the 33rd latitude by Charleston
    * Eclipse occurs 33 days out from the Great Sign of Revelation 12

    [Interesting how they 'paint' the author, who legitimately studied astronomy at the University of Louisville, as a kook. Other more reputable publications have recognized the scientific irrefutability of the coinciding of scripture and science in the September 23rd alignment. Had there been no scientific correlation I probably wouldn't have have given it a second look.]