News Headlines 16th August 2017


    Hama rebel coalition "Jaish al-Hama" joins Hayat Tahrir Sham in newest unification move. [Al-Nusra (Al Qaeda) sheds it's skin again.]

    Syrian Mig-21 shot down near Jordan border. Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya captured the pilot, Major Ali Halwa, alive.

    Regime Forces (SAA) have captured Tuwaynat from ISIS

    Syrian Army Surrounds Humaymah Village Near Border With Iraq

    Civilians in Eastern Syria Flee IS Conscription

    'Assad is Protector of the Christians in the Middle East' - Archbishop Hanna

    Army Scores Direct Hits on IS Posts in Ras Baalbek [Lebanese]

    US Delivers Bradley Fighting Vehicles to the Lebanese Army

    Sierra Leone appeals for urgent help after deadly floods

    Boko Haram attacks 2 villages in Adamawa

    Grace Mugabe’s whereabouts unknown after alleged assault in South Africa

    Why NASA postponed election results briefing

    [If votes can be arbitrarily point-and-click created or deleted on a screen, so can wealth and value.]

    Suspense as Kenya awaits next move on poll dispute

    Obama's tweet after Charlottesville becomes the most-liked tweet ever

    [Mandela would be pleased, although pipped to the post by the teenager who won free chicken nuggets from Wendy’s for having the most retweets ever. High kultcha innit!]

    US Justice Department demands information on anti-Donald Trump protesters' identities

    Time To End The Lost Afghan War

    Edward Snowden   Bin Laden is Alive and well !

    Yemen cholera cases exceed half a million as civil war prevents effective aid

    Yemeni Forces on Verge of Victory over Aggressors: Official

    Rallies intensify over THAAD deployment

    Burma  National Commission Denies Atrocities

    Bangladesh Extremist Killed in Suicide Blast in Dhaka

    Critical flood situation in Assam, 2.3 million affected, death toll mounts to 104

    3122 Florence - one of the largest known asteroids to flyby Earth on September 1

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