News Headlines 17th August 2017


    Psychological Warfare Revealed -- REPORT: ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Ousted as Provocateur Obama Supporter from Occupy Movement

    Police: Charlottesville Was "Inside Job" To Ignite Race War

    President Putin Slams Soros For Driving America Towards Civil War

    Virginia State Police helicopter in fatal crash sustained 'substantial damage' in 2010 _ Central Virginia

    5 missing after Army helicopter goes down, items found

    Al Arabiya TV animation video shows Saudi fighter jet downing Qatar passenger plane

    Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists Study  North Korea's Missiles Built For Show, Can't Hit US Mainland Yet

    Top FBI investigator Peter Strzok steps away from Russia probe

    Trump tweets that he is scrapping his business councils after the massive exodus of executives

    Here's the memo Larry Fink, the head of the world's largest investor, just sent to staff about Trump's council


    Libya  Videos Capture Summary Executions

    Saudi king orders reopening of Qatar border to pilgrims

    Iraq seeks UN resolution to investigate IS

    India  Don’t Forcibly Return Rohingya Refugees

    City worker dies after falling from seventh floor of London Stock Exchange

    Dunford Arrives in China - U.S. Department of Defense

    David Bowie's Last Online Post  'Google Is Illuminati'

    Google Censorship Against Small Independent Bloggers

    The Deep State’s “Trump Card” Against Independent Media: Executive Order 13694

    Kenya: See You in Court, Raila Odinga Tells Uhuru Kenyatta

    Kenya  Elections Official Roselyn Akombe 'Removed' from US Flight

    Fears for 600 still missing in Sierra Leone floods

    Two killed in hostage drama in deep South - Suspected militants in drawn-out chase after stealing five pickups in Songkhla and kidnapping four [Thailand]

    David Wilcock's Brakes Sabotaged

    Fukushima Scientist Exposes Cover-up: The Oceans Have Been Destroyed

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