News Headlines 20th August 2017


    There's your reason. Jihadists have a keen eye on political calendars.

    MINA Breaking News - Catalonia says Independence Vote to be held despite terror attacks

    Donald Trump  Thousands join anti-racism march in Boston

    US Duke University Removes Confederate General Statue in Wake of Charlottesville

    When the Statues Fall, Uproot the Pedestals   The Promise of Direct Action

    "the root causes of white supremacy" ????

    [You're ALL slaves. Skin colour is irrelevant. You say "white supremacy", they say "white genocide" when in reality what you've got is the (elite) 'supremacist's genocidalism.' They'll let you kill each other, cause chaos and fear in the minds of the passive and all the while you're doing their job for them. You deserve each other.]

    Russia attack  Islamic State claim responsibility for mass stabbing rampage in Surgut

    They Want You to ‘Punch a Nazi’: Enacting Violence Keeps You Distracted From the Real Issue

    Asteroid size of 40 football fields to scoot by Earth in September

    Oregon governor signs gun confiscation bill into law

    Train station in Nimes, France evacuated as police search for armed man

    Purge Begins  Cloudflare Terminates Service to Cody Wilson's GhostGunner Website

    FOIA Helps Show How Conservative TV Giant Could Find its Way Into 7 out of 10 Homes: FRINFORMSUM 8/17/2016

    Shell lifts its first crude cargo from Libya in 5 years

    Amid Doklam standoff, Sushma Swaraj meets Bhutanese foreign minister

    Kashmir conflict  Israel says will never support Pakistan on Kashmir

    Philippine Church head urges end to drug killings

    Nearly 600 dead in SAsia floods

    6 dead as PH militants battle pro-IS splinter group

    Remaining ISIS Members Besieged Inside Marawi's Grand Mosque

    Robert Blum, the spy who shaped the world

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