News Headlines 24th August 2017


    The Latest  Death toll rises to 9 after typhoon hits China

    Dutch probe Spanish van found with gas canisters after terror tip

    Counterterrorism official says van detained in Dutch city not connected to recent vehicle attacks in Spain

    Ten dead as typhoon smashes into Macau, Hong Kong and south China

    Civilians in IS-held Raqa under fire 'from all sides'  Amnesty

    Israel supported Al Qaeda in Syria  Former Mossad Chief

    Academic institutions feeling Xi’s global censorship push

    Iraqi forces make gains in Islamic State stronghold of Tal Afar

    Headless torso of missing reporter Kim Wall found in Danish waters

    Venezuela's ousted prosecutor accuses Maduro of corruption

    Bolivia launches Truth Commission to investigate military dictatorships’ crimes

    Ailing Nigeria president cancels cabinet meeting

    BREAKING: At least 11 people 'beheaded in Libya attack'

    Libya ex-premier freed after nine-day kidnapping

    Egypt criticises US decision to cut aid as Kushner visits

    "...after Obama had given Sisi the cold shoulder over rights issues."

    [Ha ha ha ha. Yeah right. MB! Also, this is Kushner being totally undermined.]

    France's Charlie Hebdo publishes provocative Islam cartoon

    [There's free speech and then there's inflamatory baiting. The latter has the potential to get people killed. It's a fine line of personal responsibility.]

    Another train mishap in UP, 74 stricken

    According to Polish FM, the EU Commission is harassing Poland for France's interests

    Greece arrests suspected terrorist Belgian women

    Abnormal tide warning issued for the entire coast of Chile

    Chile’s Atacama Desert  World’s driest place turns into a carpet of flowers after surprise rain

    Harvey regenerates, hurricane and storm surge watches issued for Texas coast

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