News Headlines 24th August 2017_2


    Hundreds of Android Apps on Google Play Store Infected with Spyware

    One Statistics Professor Was Just Banned By Google  Here Is His Story

    Syrian and Russian Air Force Heavily Pound ISIS in Deir Ez Zour, Locals Burn its "Police" Headquarters

    ISIS terrorists pulling strongest units to Deir ez-Zor for last stand – Russian MoD

    Bahrain must stop discriminating against Shias  Tillerson

    Israel wary of Iran’s growing influence  Netanyahu

    Pentagon chief arrives in Ukraine

    Poroshenko will ask for UN peacekeepers for the Donbass

    Poroshenko opens TV Tower to transmit Ukrainian Propagandistic TV Channels to LPR territory

    Erdogan, Mattis Stress the Importance of Preserving the Territorial Integrity of Iraq and Syria

    Trump’s science envoy resigns with a coded acrostic  I-M-P-E-A-C-H

    Israel demolishes three Palestinian schools in West Bank days before reopening

    Eclipse OMEN for John McCain

    Elon Musk’s Fears

    British Intelligence Knew WannaCry Hero Would be Arrested by FBI

    Critical vulnerability lets hackers play with safety system of modern cars

    A Sinister War on Our Right to Hold Cash

    Here’s Why People Don’t Buy Things With Bitcoin

    Errata Security  On ISO standardization of blockchains

    SpaceX Has Officially “Put Red Dragon on the Back Burner,” Delaying Mars Expedition

    The swastika was a symbol of peace until Hitler stole it

    Will Americans Allow a “Cultural Revolution” To Destroy the Nation?

    "The concept is for an artificial conflict to be constructed which turns factions within the targetted populations against each other, with agent provocateurs running both sides, leading to many deaths, stirring bestial passions, and destroying any capacity for a united fight against the actual enemy—the British Empire."

    [Say what?! Come again son! Surely you mean the (Crown i.e. the nation state of the intl banker's) City of London.]

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